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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shelley Lubben Ex-Porn Star Campaign Anti Porn

Shelley Lubben Ex-Porn Star Campaign Anti Porn On Television Today --- Shelley Lubben Ex-Porn Star Campaign Anti Porn. Shelley Lubben is a former porn star who after experiencing the “bad side” of porn, decided to quit it and become an activist against it. Shelly Lubben become activist anti porn. In Shelly Lubben website, he say "I was a porn star living the glamorous life. Drug overdoses, Herpes, suicide attempts and abuse on the porn set. I nearly died but by the grace of God I survived"

Shelley Lubben recently was involved along with other activists on a request to make condoms mandatory on pornographic scenes. Activists claim that the porn companies are incurring into crime by providing a hazardous workplace, where people can easily contract HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease such as herpes.

There are so many bad impact of porn, such as
  • 66% of porn stars have Herpes, a non-curable disease.
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea among performers is 10x greater than that of LA County 20-24 year olds.
  • 70% of sexually transmitted infections in the porn industry occur in females.
  • 25 HIV cases among porn performers since 2004 reported by Adult Industry Medical Healthcare.
  • 20 suicides and 28 drug related deaths among performers that we know of since 2000.
  • Over 100 straight and gay performers died from AIDS.
  • The largest group viewing online pornography is ages 12 to 17.
  • More than 11 million teens regularly view porn online.
  • Worldwide pornography revenue in 2006 was $97.06 billion. Of that, approximately $13 billion was in the United States.
  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites, 420 million pornographic web pages, and 68 million daily search engine requests.
Not only Shelley Lubben against Porn, there are Michelle Avanti, Jessie Jewels, Genevieve, Neesa Jersey Jaxin, etc. Watch their testimony below:

"I did over 100 xxx hardcore movies where I was slapped, hit, choked and forced to to sex scenes I never agreed to.

As I did more and more scenes I abused prescription pills which were given to me anytime I wanted by several Doctors in the San Fernando Valley. I was given Vicodin, Xanax, Norcos, Prozac and Zoloft." - Michelle Avanti

My first movie I was treated very rough by 3 guys. They pounded on me, gagged me with their penises, and tossed me around like I was a ball! I was sore, hurting and could barely walk. My insides burned and hurt so badly. I could barely pee and to try to have a bowel movement was out of the question. I was hurting so bad from the physical abuse from these 3 male porn stars! - Alexa Milano
Porn Star Jessie Jewels

"People in the porn industry are numb to real life and are like zombies walking around. The abuse that goes on in this industry is completely ridiculous. The way these young ladies are treated is totally sick and brainwashing. I left due to the trauma I experienced even though I was there only a short time." - Jessie Jewels
Porn Star Genevieve

"I had bodily fluids all over my face that had to stay on my face for ten minutes. The abuse and degradation was rough. I sweated and was in deep pain. On top of the horrifying experience, my whole body ached, and I was irritable the whole day. The director didn't really care how I feltt; he only wanted to finish the video." - Genevieve

"They told me if had my AIDS test that I'd be safe. I arrived on the set with my test and did a hardcore scene with two men. Within that week I was very sick with a fever of 104 and blisters all over my mouth, throat and private area. I looked like a monster. The doctor told me I had the non-curable disease Genital Herpes. I wanted to die." - Roxy aka Shelley Lubben

"The truth is I let my lifestyle get the best of me. I hate life. I'm a mess. A disaster. I've attempted suicide many times."

"No one cares about a dead porn star or stripper." - Neesa
Jersey Jaxin

"Guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It's never ending." - Jersey Jaxin
Nadia Styles

"I found out 2 days later that I had caught gonorrhea in my first scene! As quick as that the glamour of being a porn star was gone. In the five years I was shooting I caught Gonorrhea and Chlamydia many times. Sometimes both at the same time about every 3-5 months." - Nadia Styles
Tamra Toryn

"As for myself, I ended up paying the price from working in the porn industry. In 2006, not even 9 months in, I caught a moderate form of dysplasia of the cervix(which is a form of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease) and later that day, I also found out I was pregnant. I had only 1 choice which was to abort the baby during my first month. It was extremely painful emotionally and physically. When it was all over, I cried my eyes out."- Tamra Toryn
Sierra Sinn

"My first scene was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was very scary. It was a very rough scene. My agent didn't let me know ahead of time... I did it and I was crying and they didn't stop. It was really violent. He was hitting me. It hurt. It scared me more than anything. They wouldn't stop. They just kept rolling."
"Drugs are huge. They're using viagra. It's unnatural. The girls will be on xanax and vicodin." - Sierra Sinn
So, what do you think??? Are you become porn star, fans of porn star, activist anti porn star or anything. It is back to your self.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dendreon Corp. Hit Publics Market on The Wall Street

Dendreon Corp. Hit Publics Market on The Wall Street on Television Today --- Dendreon Corp. Hit Publics Market on The Wall Street. Dendreon Corp. (DNDN US) gained as much as 19 percent to $47.32 before trading was halted, pending incoming news. The Seattle-based drug company won approval for its first product, a vaccine to fight prostate cancer, after a three-year battle with U.S. regulators.

The Wall Street Transcript has recently published its Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Report offering a timely review of the sector to serious investors and industry executives. This Special feature contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs, Equity Analysts and Money Managers.

The approval is a major milestone for Dendreon, the tiny biotechnology company that developed the treatment based on basic research that occurred at Stanford University. Dendreon shares, which have risen more than 200% in the past year, blasted up another 6% to $45 when news of the approval crossed the wire. Then they were halted. When trading restarted, shares were up 31%, to $52.

The FDA approved Provenge for patients whose prostate cancer has spread into their bodies; who have either no symptoms or minimal symptoms from the disease; and who won't respond to hormone blocking drugs. About 25,000 patients fall into this category each year. The package insert for the medicine, on which Dendreon's marketing will be based, contains few major warnings about serious side effects (patients get fevers and chills) or caveats about the product's effectiveness. Provenge will cost $93,000 per course of treatment.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leonardo Dicaprio and Girlfriend look on Bar Refaeli

Leonardo Dicaprio and Girlfriend look on Bar Refaeli on Television Today --- Leonardo Dicaprio and Girlfriend look on Bar Refaeli. Media source report Leonardo Dicaprio and His girlfriends look on Bar Rafaeli. Rumors are now spreading about there marriage issue. These rumors were spawned from a simple siting of the two at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. However, when Bar Rafaeli has been questioned about the marriage rumors with Leonardo DeCaprio she has responded with absolutely not. Bar recently denied the marriage rumors and her ring finger was bare at the game, so we’re not sure what the big deal is.

Sources told E Online.com that "They have been friends for years". If this is true, then that pretty much shuts down the idea of any romantic intentions with these two. No real attention is being given to the thought of a Leo/Paris pairing, but the actor's relationship with Bar Refaeli is whole 'nother story.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Global Warming | Kelley Blue Book Release Top 10 Green Cars 2010

Global Warming | Kelley Blue Book Release Top 10 Green Cars 2010 on Television Today --- Global Warming | Kelley Blue Book Release Top 10 Green Cars 2010. To reduce bad impact of global warming, Global Warming | Kelley Blue Book Release Top 10 Green Cars 2010.

First rank of Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Release Top 10 Green Cars 2010 is Toyota Prius 50-mpg. To be entering Top 10 Green Cars 2010, each vehicle was required to offer fuel economy and CO2 emissions superior to the bulk of vehicles in its class and at the same time provide all the safety, creature comforts and driving enjoyment that would make it pleasant to own.

Ranked in order of fuel efficiency, KBB’s greenest cars for 2010 are:
  1. 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid, 50 mpg combined
  2. 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid, 41 mpg combined
  3. 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 39 mpg combined
  4. 2009 VW Jetta SportWagon TDI, 34 mpg combined
  5. 2009 Mini Cooper, 32 mpg combined
  6. 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, 32 mpg combined
  7. 2009 Honda Fit, 31 mpg combined
  8. 2009 BMW 335d, 27 mpg combined
  9. 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 22 mpg combined
  10. 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid, 21 mpg combined
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kristin Cavallari and Justin Bobby Scandals on The Hills

Kristin Cavallari and Justin Bobby Scandals on The Hills on Television Today --- Kristin Cavallari and Justin Bobby Scandals on The Hills. Kristin Cavallari and Justin Bobby Scandals on The Hills become hot trends topics on internet search engine. The sixth and final season of the MTV reality show show premieres April 27, the same day the Season 5 DVD hits stores.

The Hills Season 5, Cavallari, 23, tells Lauren "Lo" Bosworth, 23, she's moving in on Audrina Patridge's man, Justin-Bobby Brescia. Meanwhile, The Hills Seasons 6 at 10 PM on MTV talk about Kristin Cavallari is accused by her friend enemies of having a drug problem, she and Justin Bobby break up and she and ex-boyfriend Brody continue to flirt with the idea of reuniting. Justin Bobby's ex, Audrina, is busy with singer Ryan Cabrera, and there are rumors of a return appearance by original 'Hills' star Lauren Conrad, but we're guessing the majority of screen time will go to the Gruesome Twosome, Heidi and Spencer Pratt.

Separately, Las Vegas seems to be the place for reality stars nearing the 15-minute mark. A bikini-clad Kristin Cavallari is the third "Hills" star in the last month to host a pool party in Sin City; this one at The Day at Liquid Pool Lounge on Saturday. Earlier this month Audrina Patridge hosted a party at the Wet Republic Pool at the MGM Grand, and then Heidi Montag showed off her ginormous fun-bags at the actual opening of the Liquid Pool Lounge.

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CBS | Suzanne Vega: Close Up The 4 Album Acoustic Series

CBS | Suzanne Vega: Close Up The 4 Album Acoustic Series On Television Today --- CBS | Suzanne Vega: Close Up The 4 Album Acoustic Series. Suzanne Vega is a singer enjoying something of an encore now after years out of the musical spotlight. Suzanne Vega will be back on record album.
This is interview of Suzanne Vega on CBS:
Now 50, she's been re-recording much of her catalog for a 4-album acoustic series called "Suzanne Vega: Close Up."

Vega, who grew up in New York, studied dance at the famed High School for the Performing Arts.

"Were you envisioning being a dancer?" Mason asked.

"I was when I went in - not when I came out," She said. "I decided I did not have the technique to be a really great dancer, and I couldn't bear just being an average, mediocre one."

She wrote her first song at 14. ("And I will not sing it for you right now!" she said.)

She was 27 when she scored her breakthrough hit, "My Name is Luka."

"'Luka' took months of thinking about it, and then I wrote the whole thing in two hours flat," she said. "Once I came out with 'My Name is Luka,' the rest of it sort of wrote itself."

"Luka" was a breakthrough in another sense. The song was about an abused child:

My name is Luka
I live on the second floor
I live upstairs from you
Yes I think you've seen me before.

If you hear something late at night
Some kind of trouble. some kind of fight
Just don't ask me what it was . . . "
Watch Suzanne Vega Video Here:

Are you one of fans Suzanne Vega???

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running Out Music City Marathon at Nashville TN

Running Out Music City Marathon at Nashville TN On Television Today --- Running Out Music City Marathon at Nashville TN. Music City Marathon will celebrate in Nashville, TN. At the same time bad weather come to the city. So many people join into The Music City Marathon at Nashville TN.

There has been a new plan put into place to give all of the runners the safety that they need out in these conditions. Officials are going to limit the race to 4 1/2 hours, meaning the runners have to maintain a pace of 10 minutes 20 seconds per mile in order to complete the 26.2 mile race. If they don’t, they will be directed to the half marathon route.

Come and join into The Music City Marathon at Nashville TN. Prepare your health to join The Music City Marathon at Nashville TN. It will lose your weight for some kilos.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft | Jermaine Cunningham Became Heroic Player

NFL Draft | Jermaine Cunningham Became Heroic Player On Television Today --- NFL Draft | Jermaine Cunningham Became Heroic Player. Patriots selected Florida DE Jermaine Cunningham with the No. 53 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Jermaine Cunningham a three-year starter for the Gators, was the team's most disruptive defender in 2009. He has great initial quickness and agility to make plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He finished his career tied for 10th in school history with 19.5 quarterback sacks. He doesn't have outstanding speed but is athletic enough to be a versatile defender as an outside linebacker or end at the next level.

Cunningham goes before more heralded teammate Carlos Dunlap. A hand-in-the dirt rusher at UF, Cunningham will convert to outside linebacker in the Pats' 3-4 defense. The 6-foot-3, 250-pound prospect was a solid collegiate producer, racking up 34 tackles for loss and 19.5 sacks in his final three years. His numbers were just as good, if not superior to Dunlap's across the board.

Cunningham started 12 games and earned All-SEC second-team honors. He compiled 34 tackles and finished second on the team in sacks with seven which also tied for fourth in the SEC. He led the Gators with 12 stops behind the line of scrimmage, the fifth-best mark in the league. Cunningham does have one blemish on his record. In December of 2007 he was arrested for misdemeanor battery after he and fellow teammate Jonathan Demps allegedly hit a store clerk with a sandwich and empty cups during a verbal altercation over a bag of chips at Jimmy John's restaurant, 1724 W. University Ave., in Gainesville, Fla.

Today, Jermaine Cunningham Became Heroic Player in Patriots on NFL Draft 2010.

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First Round Result of NFL Draft Picks 2010

First Round Result of NFL Draft Picks 2010 On Television Today ---First Round Result of NFL Draft Picks 2010. First Round Result of NFL Draft Picks 2010 the Hot Trends of Television today and other people in Internet. So many people search news about First Round Result of NFL Draft Picks 2010.

Round two will start tonight at 6 p.m. ET, while theres even more on Saturday at 10 a.m. ET. If you are a fan of the Draft Picks and are also a fan of the Madden games, then this is a great way to combine both.

See the schedule of nfl draft 2010, nfl draft picks 2010, draft picks, first round draft picks 2010, eagles draft picks 2010, 2010 nfl draft, nfl draft, 2010 nfl draft picks, 2010 nfl draft order, 2010 nfl draft wiki, tim tebow, nfl draft 2010, denver broncos, tim tebow girlfriend, denver broncos 2010 schedule:

NFL Week One 2010
Thursday September 9 8:30 p.m. Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Atlanta Falcons Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Carolina Panthers New York Giants
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Detroit Lions Chicago Bears
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Oakland Raiders Tennessee Titans
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots
Sunday September 12 1:00 p.m. Cleveland Browns Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday September 12 4:15 p.m. Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday September 12 4:15 p.m. San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
Sunday September 12 4:15 p.m. Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams
Sunday September 12 8:20 p.m. Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins
Monday September 13 7:00 p.m. Baltimore Ravens New York Jets
Monday September 13 10:15 p.m. San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Week Two 2010

Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Philadelphia Eagles Detroit Lions
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Kansas City Chiefs Cleveland Browns
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers
Sunday September 19 [1:00 p.m. Buffalo Bills Green Bay Packers
Sunday September 19 1:00 p.m. Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys
Sunday September 19 4:05 p.m. Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos
Sunday September 19 4:05 p.m. St. Louis Rams Oakland Raiders
Sunday September 19 4:15 p.m. Jacksonville Jaguars San Diego Chargers
Sunday September 19 4:15 p.m. Houston Texans Washington Redskins
Sunday September 19 4:15 p.m. New England Patriots New York Jets
Sunday September 19 8:20 p.m. New York Giants Indianapolis Colts
Monday September 20 8:30 p.m. New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers

NFL Week Three 2010

Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. New York Giants Tennessee Titans
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. Cincinnati Bengals Carolina Panthers
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. Buffalo Bills New England Patriots
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. San Francisco 49ers Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday September 26 1:00 p.m. Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans
Sunday September 26 4:05 p.m. Philadelphia Eagles Jacksonville Jaguars
Sunday September 26 4:05 p.m. Washington Redskins St. Louis Rams
Sunday September 26 4:15 p.m. Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos
Sunday September 26 4:15 p.m. Oakland Raiders Arizona Cardinals
Sunday September 26 4:15 p.m. San Diego Chargers Seattle Seahawks
Sunday September 26 8:20 p.m. New York Jets Miami Dolphins
Monday September 27 8:30 p.m. Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gerald Mccoy Versus Ndamukong Suh NFL Draft 2010

Gerald Mccoy Versus Ndamukong Suh NFL Draft 2010 on television Today --- Gerald Mccoy Versus Ndamukong Suh NFL Draft 2010. Suh looked like an irresistible force against the Texas offensive line in the Big 12 title game and was awfully good in several other games.The active McCoy brings quickness and tenaciousness to Tampa Bay, and was a key reason OU finished eighth nationally in total defense. He also seems like a solid character guy.

Lions said they had consensus when they decided on their top draft pick tonight and chose Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL draft. “Absolutely,” general manager Martin Mayhew told reporters at Lions headquarters in Allen Park. “Exactly the same feeling in the room as we had last year with Stafford. Everybody’s on board. Everybody feels great about this player. We have the exact same feel as last year.”

Mayhew, who said last Thursday that the team had decided not on whom to draft with their first pick, said the team settled on Suh only recently. “I’d say a couple days ago it was finalized. I think there was a lot of debate back and forth, a lot of good options there. We started to narrow it down. It came down to the two defensive players and Ndamukong was the one that we chose.”

The other “defensive” player, presumably, was Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who was drafted No. 3 by Tampa Bay. Mayhew said the Lions received calls from other teams looking to move up in the draft yesterday and today but said Suh “was too good to pass up.”

Most people seem to believe that 1-2 in April’s NFL draft, in some order, will be Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska and Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma. Kiper has it one way (Suh-McCoy) and McShay has it the other (McCoy-Suh), for example. Hmm. So what’s a blog surfer to do here? Let’s discuss.

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Kennedy Space Center Tickets: Buy It !!! Enjoy It !!!

Kennedy Space Center Tickets: Buy It !!! Enjoy It !!! on Television Today --- Kennedy Space Center Tickets: Buy It !!! Enjoy It !!!. Buy your Kennedy Space Center Tickets and enjoying your trip.

The Atlantis space shuttle is slated to take off from Kennedy Space Center on the 14th of May for a 12 day mission. Mission number STS-132 will be underway as soon as the space shuttle leaves launch pad 39A. Preparations for the Atlantis mission are attracting attention from people across the nation already. The space craft rolled to its launch pad successfully on the first attempt. Discovery was the last shuttle to leave Kennedy Space Center.

The crew has been set to land on Monday but rain and very cloudy skies hindered them from doing so. Their homecoming was almost spoiled driving them to abort the landing attempt.But then when the clouds broke on a Tuesday morning, Discovery had the chance begin an hour long plunge that dropped its speed from 17,500 mph to 225 mph at touchdown on KSC’s runway 33.

The shuttle left across the America on its trip back to the Cape. It entered the continent near Vancouver, then flew over southeast across northeast Washington, Montana, central Wyoming, northeast Colorado, southwest Kansas and Oklahoma.

Passengers with current tickets are being given priority, while those who have been stranded for days are being told to either buy a new ticket or try using the old one, which could take days or weeks, to wait for the next available seat.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gifts Flower To Your Secretary: Today is Administrative Professionals Day 2010

Gifts Flower To Your Secretary: Today is Administrative Professionals Day 2010 On Television Today --- Gifts Flower To Your Secretary: Today is Administrative Professionals Day 2010. Administrative Professionals Day falls on April 21, 2010. The holiday celebrates secretaries, receptionists and other administrative employees in the workplace, drawing attention to the important work they do.

Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week. Today, it is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

In the year 2000, IAAP announced a name change for Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day. The names were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of today’s administrative workforce.

In observance of Administrative Professionals Day, many employers will give their assistants and secretaries gifts like flowers, candy, or extra time off. Others celebrate the day with office parties or community gatherings -- try gathering everyone together for some games.

Gifts Flower To Your Secretary because today is Administrative Professionals Day 2010.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple Earnings Raising Up Caused By Apple's iPhone and Mac

Apple Earnings Raising Up Caused By Apple's iPhone and Mac On Television Today --- Apple Earnings Raising Up Caused By Apple's iPhone and Mac. Apple shipped 8.75 million iPhones last quarter, versus expectations around 7 million. The technology giant said it doubled sales of its popular iPhone over the same quarter a year ago, selling 8.75 million of the handsets since Dec. 27. That was slightly better than its record sales of 8.7 million during the peak holiday buying season last year.

The greatest technology of apple is Apple's iPhone and Mac. Last quarter's Mac sales were solid: 2.94 million shipped, versus expectations around 2.7 million. And Apple's iPod business is still showing signs of life: 10.89 million units shipped vs. 9 million Street consensus. Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the opportunity to tease new products in the company's earnings release. "We've launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year," Jobs said in a canned quote.

Best seller of this product become lead. Historically, Apple has guided below Street consensus revenue estimates by 4% and EPS by 12%, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. (Apple then goes on to beat the original Street estimates by an average 3% on revenue and 25% on EPS, Munster notes.) So Munster expects Apple to guide to around $12.4 billion in revenue and $2.33 in EPS. A forecast much stronger than that would be impressive.

One factor that could swing Apple's guidance is the date that it expects to ship its new iPhones. Apple has typically shipped new iPhones in late June or early July, with a big batch of shipments to hit the channel just before retail sales begin. This year, Apple is expected to show off the new iPhone -- of which photos and specs leaked this week -- in early June at its Worldwide Developers Conference. And all analyses we've seen assume a June launch for the new phone.

This month, the company announced a new advertising strategy meant to compete with crosstown technology rival Google Inc. The new product, called iAd, will be built into the next version of Apple's iPhone software and allow it to embed advertisements into many of the small programs, or apps, that run on its mobile devices.

Apple's earnings report came a day after the technology news site Gizmodo sparked an online frenzy when it published pictures of what it said was a yet-unreleased version of Apple's iPhone. The blog said that the phone had been left in a Bay Area bar by an Apple employee, and that editors had obtained the phone by paying $5,000 to the person who found it.

Though the phone appeared to have been disabled by Apple, bloggers were able to decipher some of its features, including a front-facing camera that would allow users to video chat, a higher-resolution screen and a sleeker-looking square body.

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Guru Dead Caused By the cancer-stricken

Guru Dead Caused By the cancer-stricken on Television Today --- Guru Dead Caused By the cancer-stricken. Keith Elam known as Guru, Groundbreaking U.S. rapper and Gang Starr co-founder Guru died Monday night, a month after the cancer-stricken artist collapsed and went into a coma.

Guru, 43 years old, had been suffering from cancer for over a year. Guru suffered from the malicious illness for over a year and after numerous special treatments under the supervision of medical specialists failed, the legendary MC succumbed to the disease. Guru always tried to keep this harrowing diagnosis in private but in early 2010 he had to admit himself to hospital due to serious effects caused by the disease

The letter gave Solar full control of his money, assets and “all elements of his character after death.” The letter also specified that the rap duo’s DJ Premier not be allowed to use the name Gang Starr for future profit or fame.

See the video of Guru below:

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Monday, April 19, 2010

WHAT !!! Oklahoma City Bombing

WHAT !!! Oklahoma City Bombing On Television today --- WHAT !!! Oklahoma City Bombing. Fifteen years ago, a bomb ripped through a federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the worst homegrown terror attack on U.S. soil. The April 19, 1995, attack killed 168 people, shattering the belief of many that America was largely immune to domestic terrorism. Fifteen years later, the impact of the bombing still reverberates with those who lived through it. CNN checks in with some of the survivors of the attack, including several who were children at the time.

More than 200 children had parents killed or disabled when an anti-government conspirator's truck bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Thomas and others have benefited from a continuing legacy of the attack: the outpouring of donations from people who wanted to help the families of the victims. At the time of the blast, the children ranged from infants to teenagers. Suddenly, they were left to be raised by single parents or grandparents, were placed with other family members or sent to homes in other states.

With the scholarship money available, about two-thirds have since gone on to college or other education programs, and the graduates now include physicians, lawyers, veterinarians and pharmacists.

Dion Thomas' life began spiraling out of control after her mother was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, when the straight-A student started skipping classes and saw her grades slip to D's, F's and incompletes. She stayed in her bedroom for days, unable to come out. No one let her see her mother's body to say goodbye, thinking it was better for her daughter to remember how she was alive. "I pretty much almost dropped out of high school," said Thomas, who was a sophomore when her mother, Social Security Administration employee Charlotte Thomas, died in the April 19, 1995, attack.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACM Awards 2010 | Watch Free Streeming !!

ACM Awards 2010 | Watch Free Streeming !!on Television Today --- ACM Awards 2010 | Watch Free Streeming !!. Watch Academy of Country Music Awards 2010. Watch now, Academy of Country Awards 2010 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on CBS Television on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 8PM ET. Some of nominees were announced in March.

For about 45th years America's hottest talent in country music. Today's best and most popular country superstars are once again facing off, in yet another test of who rules the genre. Most often lately, the queen of country has been Taylor Swift, but another triumph is not certain. Now, The ACM awards 2010 are just a few hours away. In the ACM awards 2010, Lady Antebellum leads the pack this year with a whopping seven nominations, followed by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood with six nominations, Taylor Swift with five, and Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley with four each. Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, the Zac Brown Band, George Strait, Keith Urban and Toby Keith are nominated for entertainer of the year.

Swift is not leading the ACM awards 2010 nominations, having only gotten five. The group Lady Antebellum comes in as the favorite with seven nominations, including Album of the Year. Out of the individuals, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert lead the way with six nods.

Swift and Underwood headline the ACM awards 2010 Entertainer of the Year pack, along with Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, George Strait and the Zac Brown Band. The fans can still play a part in selecting the winner, as they can vote on the ACM website and text their choice - once they register on CBS.

See live perform video from Academy of Country Music Awards 2010 below:

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Longest Baseball Game Ever Played: The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings in 33rd inning

Longest Baseball Game Ever Played: The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings in 32nd inning on Television Today --- Longest Baseball Game Ever Played: The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings in 33rd inning. The longest baseball game, the shortest baseball game, the most innings ever played in a single game, and other similar game length records are one of the most asked for items on the Internet. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present an official baseball game length record book. The longest games in terms of innings played and time played are presented as well as many variations.

In My Library there are The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings that Longest Baseball Game Ever Played. The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings, two teams from the Triple-A International League, played the longest game in professional baseball history in 1981 at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The game began on Saturday, April 18, 1981, and continued through the night and into Easter morning before finally being suspended. Although most leagues have a curfew rule that would have suspended the game, the rule book that the home plate umpire had that night did not contain one. So the teams continued playing until the president of the league, Harold Cooper, was finally reached on the phone sometime after 3 a.m. Finally at 4:07, at the end of the 32nd inning, the game was stopped. At this point, there were 19 fans left in the seats, all of whom were given season passes to McCoy Stadium.

The game resumed on the evening of Tuesday, June 23, the next time the Red Wings were in town. A sellout crowd and news media from around the world were on hand, partly because the major leagues were on strike at the time. On that evening, it took just one inning and 18 minutes to settle the game, with Pawtucket's Dave Koza driving in Marty Barrett for the winning run in the bottom of the 33rd.

Can You imagine, Base ball play on 33rd inning??!?. So, Longest Baseball Game Ever Played: The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings in 33rd inning.

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Finally 600,000 Toyota Siena Recalled 1998 - 2010

Finally 600,000 Toyota Siena Recalled 1998 - 2010 on Television Today --- Finally 600,000 Toyota Siena Recalled 1998 - 2010. Toyota announced to recalled Toyota Siena 1998 -2010. There are several problems on Toyota Siena. Until now, Toyota still not tell what problem on Toyota Siena 1998 - 2010.

Washington Post reported consumers with a 1998-2010 Sienna model are said to be affected by the recall. Possible dangers have highlighted the carrier cable which holds the spare tire in place, as if it gets rusty and worn – it could cause the tire to snap off into a busy road, potentially leading to a disaster for other drivers.

Toyota Motors, the legendary Japanese carmaker has been going through a critical time. It has been trying for some time to emerge unscathed from the effect of a massive recall affecting several millions of its vehicles worldwide. At the beginning of 2010, a great number of its passenger cars like Camry and Prius were recalled for faulty accelerators issues. That was followed by a recall of its vans and luxury Lexus SUV. In the meantime the company got mired in a lawsuit filed by its shareholders. To ride over the crisis, the company started offering lucrative price cuts and insurance with its models. Even before the other issues could get resolved fully, Toyota has made another announcement for recalling its Sienna Minivans models.

The Toyota Sienna recall will affect the car owners who stay in the USA and Canada. To make things clear for the customers, the company has specified the name of the states that will be affected by this recall. However, the Sienna models that are going to be recalled do not have any acceleration issue. The company is recalling them for a cable corrosion issue. According to Toyota, the Sienna owners who live in cold climate are more likely to be affected by the new recall.

Toyota bosses say that they are working on this problem quickly, given the fact that six separate reports of spare tires coming loose in the Siennas have been accounted for. However, Toyota has said that no injuries have been confirmed yet.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

John Gardner Known as Murders Chelsea King and Amber Dubois

John Gardner Known as Murders Chelsea King and Amber Dubois on Television Today ---- John Gardner Known as Murders Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. Press talk about John Gardner Known as Murders Chelsea King and Amber Dubois.

John Albert Gardner III pleaded guilty to the February 2009 murder of two teens there are 14 year old Amber Dubois and the February 2010 murder of 17 year old Chelsea King. Due to the terms of the plea deal, John Gardner will not face the death penalty, nor is he allowed to file any appeals. According to the San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, it was John Gardner who led authorities to the remains of Amber Dubois. He also stated that he kidnapped, raped, and stabbed the young girl to death. He confessed to kidnapping Chelsea King, raping her and strangling her to death.

Below is the video of John Gardner :

Virginia Tech Shooting | At Least 30 Death

Virginia Tech Shooting | At Least 30 Death on Television Today --- Virginia Tech Shooting | At Least 30 Death. April 16, 2007 police in Blacksburg, Virginia responded to the deadliest rampage by a single gunman in US history. A student named Seung-Hui Cho opened fire in a dorm and a classroom. Thirty-three people were killed today on the campus of Virginia Tech in what appears to be the deadliest shooting rampage in American history, according to federal law-enforcement officials. Many of the victims were students shot in a dorm and a classroom building.

The shootings put national attention on how schools warn students about emergencies, laws about purchasing guns and mental health care for students. Cho had previously been declared mentally ill.

“Today, the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions,” said the university’s president, Charles Steger. The campus police chief said this evening that 15 people were wounded by the gunman, although there were other reports of higher numbers of injuries.

Witnesses described scenes of mass chaos and unimaginable horror as some students were lined up against a wall and shot. Others jumped out of windows to escape, or crouched on floors to take cover. The killings occurred in two separate attacks on the campus in Blacksburg, Va. The first at around 7:15 a.m., when two people were shot and killed at a dormitory. More than two and a half hours later, 31 others, including the gunman, were shot and killed across campus in a classroom building, where some of the doors had been chained. Victims were found in different locations around the building.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kate Hudson Breast Implants Become Bigger

Kate Hudson Breast Implants Become Bigger on Television today --- Kate Hudson Breast Implants Become Bigger. Kate Hudson is a well known actress who have small chests amidst her Hollywood friends. As you can look picture on the top, is it small right???

Rumor on the internet is that she did it in post-breakup mode from Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) but since he is now hanging with Cameron Diaz, it seems that he couldn’t be the cause of her sudden dissatisfaction with her breast. Cameron is no C-cup either. She has been quoted as saying that she loved her small breast, since they allowed her to wear plunging necklines and still look elegant. Well, it appears that she changed her mind. She has also been quoted as saying that if she ever wanted to have her breasts done, she would have them made to look like the digitally enhanced poster of her film “Fool’s Gold,” and that seems to be exactly what she did!

According to Us Weekly, and supported by recent bikini photos of the actress relaxing in Florida, Hudson had small implants put in. Kate’s chest was on display last November when she almost slipped out of her dress at the AMAs. Below are the pictures that dealing with Kate Hudson breast implants last month rumors.

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Type O Negative| Peter Stele Dead At 48 Years Old

Type O Negative| Peter Stele Dead At 48 Years Old on Television Today --- Type O Negative| Peter Stele Dead At 48 Years Old. Type O Negative band personnel, Peter Steele, dead at 48 years old. Peter Steele’s death has been confirmed by several parties since last night, although there has not been any official confirmation from Peter Steele’s relatives. Announcements of death originated from fellow bandmate Kenny Hickey, Fuse Host Mistress Juliya, and an expressive post on the Type O Negative website.

Peter Steele the bassist and vocalist of New York band Type O Negative repotedly died Wednesday. Confirmation by bandmate Kenny Hickey came early Thursday morning. Peter Steele's family has made no public statement as of yet and the cause of death is still unknown. Steele was also a member of bands Fallout and Carnivore. Fans will greatly miss the rocker.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ray Mccallum | Brandon Knight Play On University of Kentucky

Ray Mccallum | Brandon Knight Play On University of Kentucky On Television Today --- Ray Mccallum | Brandon Knight Play On University of Kentucky. Brandon Knight listed the five schools he was considering on ESPNU and then, to the surprise of virtually no one, pulled a blue hat out of his bag and made his announcement. The Wildcats signed center Enes Kanter and received a commitment from guard Brandon Knight on Wednesday, two players Calipari hopes can step in and fill some of the holes left by the defection of five players to the NBA. Knight, a McDonald's All-American and a two-time Gatorade National Player of the Year, donned a blue Kentucky hat after making his nationally televised announcement at Pine Crest High in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“The place where I plan to my college basketball is at the University of Kentucky,” Knight said.

“I felt it was a place that had great players, a great environment and just a place where I can elevate my game, with great coaches and great pieces around me already,” the 6-foot-3 Knight said.

The 6-foot-3, 185-pound Knight also considered UConn, Florida, Syracuse and Kansas, although Florida recently pulled out of the Sweepstakes.

Knight had yet to send his Letter of Intent to Kentucky as of his announcement, so Wildcats coach John Calipari couldn’t comment on him specifically.

“Let me first of all congratulate the Pine Crest school and coach [Dave] Beckerman for the job they’ve done there with all those kids and that program is really unbelievable,” Calipari told ESPNU.

Knight chose Kentucky over Syracuse, Connecticut, Kansas and Florida. The 6-foot-4, 185-pound Knight was ranked the No. 1 prospect in the country by Rivals.com. He averaged 32 points a game last year at Pine Crest and ended his high school career as the second-leading scorer in Florida history.

Knight will have some big shoes to fill at Kentucky, which loses three players to graduation and could have five underclassmen - guards John Wall and Eric Bledsoe, forward Patrick Patterson and centers DeMarcus Cousins and Daniel Orton - leave early to head to the NBA. The departing underclassmen were the core of a team that went 35-3 and won the Southeastern Conference tournament before advancing to the regional finals of the NCAA tournament.

The Wildcats also got a head start on their 2011 class with Wednesday's commitment from forward Michael Gilchrist, who ESPN Recruiting ranks at the nation's top junior. The 6-foot-7 forward was has been one of the country's most talked about prospects since his freshman season at St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth, N.J. Gilchrist picked the Wildcats over a list of suitors that included Villanova, Texas and Georgia Tech.

Although the biggest developments of the day dealt with college basketball's winningest program, there was big news for a few mid-major programs on Wednesday. Top-50 prospects Ray McCallum, of Detroit's Country Day High School, and Trey Zeigler, of Mount Pleasant (Mich.) High, elected to play their college ball for some coaches they are very familiar with -- their fathers.

McCallum, one of the nation's top point guards, will suit up for his father, Ray McCallum, Sr., at Detroit. Zeigler, a gifted shooting guard, will play for his father, Ernie Zeigler, at Central Michigan.

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Brandon Marshall Goes To The Dolphins Today

Brandon Marshall Goes To The Dolphins Today on Television Today -- Brandon Marshall Goes To The Dolphins. ESPN, the Denver Post and NFL.com report The Broncos agreed to trade Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins. The Dolphins will trade their second-round pick (43rd overall) this season and another pick for the player who is among the NFL's best but most enigmatic wide receivers.

ESPN said Marshall is expected to sign a contract extension that will be among the largest in league history. The trade is not yet complete and not yet announced. But it is happening, folks. Marshall is set to fly to South Florida as early as today (Wednesday) to take a physical. The NFL has not yet approved this deal.

Marshall, 26 years old, has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards each of the past three seasons. Last season, Marshall caught 21 passes in one game against the Indianapolis Colts. The entire Dolphins wide receiver corps -- all five guys -- did not have a 2009 game in which they combined for 21 catches.

Only last month Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Marshall was not a fit for the Dolphins and, well, everyone believed him. This offseason the Dolphins have acquired Marshall after Sparano said he wasn't a fit and cut Gibril Wilson after general manager Jeff Ireland suggested he would be playing well for the team in 2010.

The Dolphins have wanted to upgrade at wide receiver since last season and began focusing on Marshall at the beginning of this offseason. The club asked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who was the Denver defensive coordinator last season, for his opinion on Marshall.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Perform Alexa Ray Joel In a Prell commercial

New Perform Alexa Ray Joel In a Prell commercial On Television Today --- New Perform Alexa Ray Joel In a Prell commercial. Did you have been watch video of Alexa Ray Joel In a Prell commercial ???. Alexa Joel is a singer and song writer. Today, Alexa Ray Joel is the new star of Prell. Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley who had a scary moment last year when she allegedly attempted suicide is now the new spokesperson for Prell, being featured in a new commercial.

For your information, Alexa Ray Joel was born in Manhattan, New York on December 29, 1985 so her age is 24. She is a singer, songwriter and plays the piano. Her parents are singer Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley. Throughout her upbringing, she enjoyed music and started singing and writing songs. At the age of 17, she was honored at the Berklee College of Music’s Five Week Music-Fest. Following, she attended the Musical Theatre program at New York University, however, she decided to pursue singing/songwriting as a career. She appeared at various venues including college settings, various performances in New York City, Maxwell’s (Hoboken, New Jersey) and for the 2006 nationwide Hard Rock Cafe Tour. the following venues: Maxwell’s (Hoboken, New Jersey), various performances (New York City), college settings, and the Hard Rock Cafe Tour. This year, she has been collaborating with her father in the studio on her upcoming album. Despite an apparent rough year, Alexa recovered from an alleged suicide attempt in December of 2009. Fortunately, it was not enough to cause severe injury. Joel is also following in the footsteps of her beautiful mother, since she is now the new face for of Prell shampoo.

Today, Alexa Joel is the new star of Prell shampoo. Watch video of Alexa Joel below:

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New release Natalie Merchant, 'Leave Your Sleep'

New release Natalie Merchant, 'Leave Your Sleep' on Television Today --- New release Natalie Merchant, 'Leave Your Sleep' on Television Today. New release Natalie Merchant, 'Leave Your Sleep'. On 2001, Natalie Merchant released for her album, name is Motherland. Today until nine years after her last release album, She release a new solo is here, the two-disc “Leave Your Sleep,” featuring her musical takes on 19th- and 20th-century poetry. It’s said that the 26 songs on offer are adapted from a variety of British and American poems. These songs represent different nationalities.

In new album 'Leave Your Sleep' combined a mixture of jazz, chamber music and Balkan, bluegrass, Chinese, Celtic folk and reggae. Anyway, I am not patient to enjoy Her new release. As for your information Natalie Anne Merchant, American singer-songwriter and musician ,joined the alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 and she was the lead singer and primary lyricist of the band. In 1993, she announced that she was leaving the band to begin her solo career. In 2001, she released a studio album Motherland and this album hit the top charts. In the Motherland Merchant’s voice was more deep and heart touching. She also kicked off a tour on October 17, 2001 just to promote her album. In 2002, she participated in the Rock am Ring Festival and Rock im Park.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Phil Mickelson winning The Masters Prize Money 2010

Phil Mickelson winning The Masters Prize Money 2010 on Television Today --- Phil Mickelson winning The Masters Prize Money 2010. Phil Mickelson get prize $1,350,000.00. The total masters 2010 prize purse is $7,500,000. As you know, The Masters is small field of the major championships. In fact golfers placed in the top 19 positions can expect a 6 figure prize fund and the golfer in position 47 still walks away with $21750.

The 2010 Masters prize money breakdown by position, for the top 10 finishers, is as follows:

Phil Mickelson 1 – $1,350,000.00

Lee Westwood (England) 2 – $810,000.00

Anthony Kim 3 – $510,000.00

K. J. Choi (Korea) T4 – $330,000.00

Tiger Woods T4 – $330,000.00

Fred Couples 6 – $270,000.00

Nick Watney 7 – $251,250.00

Hunter Mahan T8 – $225,000.00

Y. E. Yang (Korea) T8 – $225,000.00

Ricky Barnes T10 – $195,000.00

Ian Poulter (England) T10 – $195,000.00

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Masters 2010 leaderboard: The most Trends Topics

Masters 2010 leaderboard: The most Trends Topics on Television Today -- Masters 2010 leaderboard: The most Trends Topics on internet traffic. Beside that, people who watch on television not as much in internet media. Results has shown Lee Westwood is the toppest scorer with -12. Phil Mickelson is -11, K.J.Choi is -8, Tiger Woords -8, Fred Couples is -7, Anthony Kim is -5, Y Yang are is -5, and Ian Poulter is 6.

Update for the final time, and Phil Mickelson earned his third green jacket, taking a victory at the Masters golf tournament 2010 at a near-record pace of -16. Tiger Woods, after three days flirting with the lead, tailed off a bit and finished five strokes back, never making a run at the crown on Sunday.

Mickelson entered the final round trailing Lee Westwood and had some shaky moments but finished strong, turning a 15-foot putt for birdie on the 12th hole into a rally that guided him to victory.

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Demolition Texas Stadium Passed Away

Demolition Texas Stadium Passed Away on Television Today -- Legend Stadium in Texas passed away on April 11. Yeah... It was over. Texas Stadium fell down at 7:08 a.m. Sunday, in an implosion triggered by a series of 55 detonations a half-second apart.

So many memories that happened in Texas Stadium A few hundred feet north of the stadium, thousands of fans gathered tailgate-style to party one last time, in a scene that resembled so many pre-game parties of the past. But this time, there were tears of sadness and shrieks of agony that perhaps only true football fans can understand, as thousands of tons of concrete crashed to the ground.

On Sunday morning, Texas Stadium implosion brings a crowd of people. Dallas Cowboys for several decades at Texas Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys moved in 2008, and the building has been empty since. Demolition was planned for sixth months and children 11 years old won a writing contest and was the one chosen to set off the explosion early Sunday morning. Below is video of "Demolition Texas Stadium Passed Away ".

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish President Killed By Plane Crashed

Polish President Killed By Plane Crashed on Television Today -- Polish President Killed By Plane Crashed. World became sad about this accident. Russian officials have said none of the 97 people aboard the TU-154 Polish government plane survived the crash. The Polish delegation were on their way to a Katyn memorial ceremony. This image from Polish Television's TVP via APTN shows a firefighter walking near some of the wreckage at the crash site where Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and some of the country's most prominent military and civilian leaders died Saturday April 10, 2010 along with dozens of others when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in near Smolensk in western Russia. (AP Photo/TVP via APTN)

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Elizabeth Taylor and Jason Winters is Engaged!!!

Elizabeth Taylor and Jason Winters is Engaged!!! On Television Today -- Amazing Elizabeth Taylor and Jason Winters is Engaged!!. Elizabeth Taylor at 78 years old will get married with Jason Winters, 49 year old. Elizabeth Taylor will married for ninth times.

I think nine is a really lucky number, because at nine Elizabeth Taylor and Jason Winters is Engaged then On April 9 Taylor announced her engagement to 49 year old Jason Winters, of Sterling Winters Management and of course f the two were to get married, it would be Taylor's 9th husband.

Elizabeth Taylor hasn't confirmed this information in a formal statement, nor has her constant companion Jason Winters, an entertainment manager who represents Janet Jackson. Since Elizabeth has nixed the idea to any media who have asked if she will marry again, this all comes as a surprise. But Ms. Taylor has changed her mind before, even marrying one of her husbands twice.

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Watch Masters Tournament Live: Tiger Woods Comes

Watch Masters Tournament Live: Tiger Woods Comes on Television Today -- Do you want to watch live streaming The Masters Tournament 2010. Actually, you can watch live streaming The Masters Tournament 2010 on:
  • Thu, 4/8 - 4:00PM - ESPN: The Masters Tournament
  • Thu, 4/8 - 8:00PM - ESPN: (RePlay) The Masters Tournament
  • Fri, 4/9 - 4:00PM - ESPN: The Masters Tournament
  • Sat, 4/10 - 3:30PM - CBS: The Masters Tournament
  • Sun, 4/11 - 2:00PM - CBS: The Masters Tournament
As you know, more than 392,901 hours of live video yesterday, compared to 230,004 hours in 2009 watch by Golf fans and iewers tuned in for 17.48 minutes per stream session, which is also slightly longer than last year (14.63 minutes). The broadcaster clocked 56,090 unique visitors tuning into its live streams yesterday alone, which represents a growth of 133 percent over last year, when 239,013 tuned in for the first day of Masters.

At Masters Tournament 2010, the golf legend of this world (Tiger Woods) comes into the tournament. Disgraced golfer Tiger Woods returned to his professional golfing career at the Masters golf tournament 2010, which commenced on Thursday. Anticipation had been ripe about the troubled golfer’s comeback in competitive golf which ultimately took place yesterday as he made a triumphant return to his professional career. Tiger definitely charmed the audience with his best performance in the first round of the masters ever. Winning the last four years of the Masters and having his best round yet is surely putting an end to any of the talk that has been transpiring about him being rusty since he has taken so much time off. He came right back from the sex scandal that has been so detrimental to his career and has performed to the best of his ability. It seemed he used to be rather grumpy on the field, with a stone cold face and no shown attention to the audience. Now it seems he has lifted his spirits and is no longer throwing his clubs around or cursing at the air when he misses a shot.

Tiger Woods later added that the reception that he received by the crowd at the Masters golf tournament 2010 was something that was almost unbelievable as he had never heard the crowd cheer so loudly for him at the venue. Tiger Woods’ ease in the golf course at the Masters golf tournament 2010 highlighted his dominance over the game despite the problems confronting his personal life.

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Bruce Beresford Redman murder ????

Bruce Beresford Redman murder ???? On Television Today -- Bruce Beresford Redman is a producers of many reality TV shows including Survivor, is currently being held by Mexican authorities as a “person of suspicion” in the death of his wife, Monica Beresford Redman. The body of Monica Beresford Redman was found April 8 at about 9 a.m. local time in Cancun. Even with his pull in Hollywood, Bruce Beresford Redman won’t be able to use fast cash to escape suspicion.

Bruce Beresford Redman reported disappearance. Bruce Beresford Redman whose wife was found dead in Cancun yesterday has been ordered to remain in Mexico while police investigate her death. Bruce Beresford Redman An American television producer is a suspect who murdered his wife Monica Beresford.

Monica, Bruce Beresford Redman wifes, was found in the sewer system of the resort hotel where she and her husband were staying. The cause of her death is currently unknown. Mexican authorities are working with U.S. Authorities to conduct autopsies and proceed with the case.
Bruce Beresford Redman producing Sarah Palin’s show

The 38-year-old was released in the early hours of this morning, but cannot leave the country. Monica Beresford-Redman's body had scratches on the neck, signs of asphyxiation and a blow to the right temple although the precise cause of death has not yet been determined, officials said. Beresford-Redman told police that his wife, the mother of his two children, left the hotel to go shopping and never returned.

Friends gathered at the Zabumba bikini bar and restaurant that Mrs Beresford-Redman owned and managed in West Los Angeles said they hoped her death was an accident and not murder. 'She's going to be very missed,' said friend Mariza Alyrio. 'I can't believe it's her. I hope he didn't do that. I don't want to believe it. He doesn't seem like that kind of guy.' Beresford-Redman was a producer on several episodes of the Emmy-nominated reality show Survivor, for which he was nominated for three Emmy Awards, and co-created Pimp My Ride, a popular MTV car makeover show.

At CBS on April 6, the date Monica Beresford Redman went missing. Bruce Beresford Redman and Monica Beresford Redman had been in Cancun, staying at the Moon Palace Resort and Hotel to celebrate Monica Beresford Redman’s 42nd birthday. On April 5, Bruce Beresford Redman reported his wife missing, and a missing persons report was filed with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Bruce Beresford Redman being held on suspicion and then April 8, 2010, the Cancun police questioned and subsequently held Bruce Beresford Redman on suspicion of murder. When Bruce Beresford Redman reported his wife missing, he claimed that she had gone shopping and never returned. Her passport was left in the hotel, though her credit card was also reported missing. Bruce Beresford Redman was reported to have scratches on his neck, and the police are conducting toxicology reports.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

40 Seconds Earthquakes on California

40 Seconds Earthquakes on California on Television Today -- 40 Seconds start from little rumbling until little shaking and then shaking become heavier. 7.2-magnitude was initially reported as a 6.9 earthquake on San Diego. Some media was release No initial reports of any serious damage done or any lives lost. No initial reports of any serious damage done or any lives lost. There were some minor structural damages reported such as broken pipes and windows.

Residents huddled in the streets of this U.S. border city Sunday evening, exchanging news on the powerful Mexican earthquake that shook states north of the border and caused enough damage here for police to seal off the downtown.

Seismic waves from the temblor rolled north into Southern California, damaging Calexico and alarming residents from San Diego to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Skyscrapers swayed as far away as Phoenix and buildings shook in Las Vegas. But most of the U.S. damage appeared to be limited to the agricultural Imperial Valley in the state's arid southeast corner. There were no reports of deaths or injuries in California, but one death was reported in Mexicali.

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