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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lady Gaga And Elton John Open the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (2010)

Lady Gaga And Elton John Open the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (2010) on Television Today -- January 31, Industrial music celebrated night occurs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. CBS will support 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (2010). Elton John joined Lady Gaga to open the Grammy show with a duet. It featured glitter, ashes, severed limbs and crazy costumes.

Gaga kicked it all off by singing Poker Face with backup dancers surrounding her. One of the dancers then dragged Gaga off the stage, and she was dumped into a "rejected" bin, which promptly belched flames. Seconds later she appeared covered in ashes with John, who was also covered in ashes. The two then began singing Gaga's Speechless, a few verses of John's Your Song thrown in.

The potential viewer knows that there will be a special 3-D tribute to the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson. Beyonce is nominated for ten awards. Taylor Swift, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Lil Wayne, Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Jennifer Nettles and others will perform. Bon Jovi will perform as well -- a song voted for by the viewing audience.

Michael Jackson's children will attend the massive ceremony and will accept the Lifetime Achievement Award for their father. The Michael Jackson tribute to be shown has never been seen before and was designed for his "This Is It Tour." It will feature a mini-movie, which is shown in 3-D.

For the first time in the history of the Grammy Awards, three women will compete for the top three awards categories. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. Between the three, they have 23 Grammy nominations.

Among the presenters will be "The Mentalist" Simon Baker, Golden Globe winner Jeff Bridges, Alice Cooper, Sheryl Crow, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, muliple Grammy winner Carlos Santana, LL Cool J, "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr., and many others.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Fenomenal J D Salinger Died

J.D. Salinger, the famously reclusive author whose novel, “The Catcher in the Rye,’’ was one of the best-selling books of the 20th century, died at his Cornish, N.H. home. He was 91.
Maynard's memoir "At Home In The World" in 1998 detailed her eight-month affair with Salinger in the 1970s, when she was 18 and he was 53.

Salinger retired from public life for many years. He made his last public appearance when he wrote a letter to Maynard, responding to concerns about a recent piece she wrote for the New York Times and discussing the dangers of publicity.

Maynard, an author like Salinger, started her writing career when she was 14. She has written two memoirs, as well as novels including To Die For (made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman) and The Usual Rules.

Mr. Salinger died of natural causes Wednesday, his son, Matt, said in a statement from Harold Ober Associates, Mr. Salinger’s literary agency.

“Despite having broken his hip in May,’’ agency officials stated, Mr. Salinger’s “health had been excellent until a rather sudden decline after the new year. He was not in any pain before or at the time of his death.’’
He left New York City more than a half-century ago, trading the urban literary life for rural Cornish. Neighbors and most who knew him in surrounding towns respected his privacy and usually refused to talk with reporters and photographers who came seeking the region’s most famous resident. Mr. Salinger, meanwhile, went about his quiet life undisturbed, chatting occasionally with those whose paths he crossed regularly.

In area bookstores, some of which made it a point to keep his works on display, those who knew him by sight would see him pass by in the aisles.

“Catcher in the Rye’’ is estimated to have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide since being published in 1951. It continues to sell about 200,000 copies annually.

A staple of student reading lists, the novel boasts one of the most celebrated characters in post-World War II American fiction, its narrator, Holden Caulfield.

Holden is a latter-day Huckleberry Finn: slightly older, far more knowing, and considerably less resilient. At once cynical and sensitive, the 16-year-old has just been expelled from prep school and decides to spend a few days on his own in New York. Manhattan is the Mississippi on which he floats (Checker cabs are for Holden what a raft is for Huck) as he obsessively seeks to pierce the “phoniness’’ of adult society while trying to maintain his increasingly unsteady equilibrium.

A comparable spiritual yearning characterizes Mr. Salinger’s other best-known literary creation, the Glass family. Their brilliance and neuroses emblazon his other works, “Nine Stories’’ (1953), “Franny and Zooey’’ (1961), and “Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction’’ (1963).

The Glass family members who figure most prominently in the books are Holden’s rough contemporaries. In other Salinger works, such as the stories “For Esme With Love and Squalor’’ and “Teddy,’’ characters are even younger. Childhood and adolescence held a special fascination for Mr. Salinger, something noted by both admirers and detractors.

The (London) Observer newspaper wrote that Mr. Salinger “seems to understand children as no English-speaking writer has done since Lewis Carroll.’’ Yet Norman Mailer, fastening on the same attribute, derided Mr. Salinger as “the greatest mind ever to stay in prep school.’’
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Erica Rhodes Barney Big Amazing On American Idols

Erica Rhodes Barney Big Amazing On American Idols on Television Today -- Erica Rhodes, a 23-year-old grad student from Irving Texas, was on a TV show. Erica used to be a castmember on Barney and Friends when she was a little girl! She even sang the Barney "I Love You" song for the judges. But it was her performance of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" (while dressed as a dominatrix) that earned Erica a golden ticket to Hollywood. "I want people to know that Barney kids grow up," Erica said.

In a sea of gimmicks, it was a smart move and, with the talent to back it up, we anticipate Erica will go far. Amazingly, the 1999 "Barney" gig was not just Erica's big break, it was her only one. At least until now. According to her IMDB resume, other than a glorified extra role in the 2009 indie film "Going Home," Erica's showbiz experience is in the dance world. She trained at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and was a member of the now defunct Dallas Desperados. She also studied broadcast journalism at Dallas' Southern Methodist University, so there's plenty to fall back on, not that Erica will need to.

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Measure 66 and 67 Passed away Rapidly

Measure 66 and 67 Passed away Rapidly on television Today -- Business world, did you know about Measure 66 and 67 passing rapidly??? Today, Oregon's voters on 9 PM has passed 2 tax increase through Ballot Measure 66 and Ballot Measure 67 but failing marginally in Umatilla County.

Ballot Measure 66 which sets to raise the taxes on individual filers who make $125,000 or more on a household income at or above $250,000. And the Measure 67 Ballot which will see the increase of State business tax from $10 annually to $150 for most businesses, it will also reflect on larger corporations for either a new sliding scale tax on gross sales of a new minimum tax.

Oregon Trail School District Superintendent Shelley Redinger is very happy with the results and he thanks the voters who participated in polling and approved both measures with their support.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Claudette Ortiz Pictures on City High

Claudette Ortiz Pictures on City High on Television Today -- Claudette Ortiz was born on July 21, 1981. She is an American singer, most famous as the female in the R&B group City High. Ryan Toby, former group mate, married Ortiz on October 14, 2004. They have 2 sons together. Their first son was born in 2003 and their second son was born in 2005. Her third child, a daughter (not fathered by Toby) was born on August 12, 2008. Please see Claudette Ortiz Pictures on City High below:

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toyota Recall and Air America Bankrupt !!!

Toyota Recall and Air America Bankrupt !!! on Television Today -- "Toyota Recall and Air America Bankrupt". I think this is bad reality of business, can you imagine how come Air America Bankrupt???? How come Toyota recall the specific of their product. Are economic crisis comes or any another reasons of this.

Charlie Kireker -the chairman of Air America Media- said in a statement that the company would file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy “to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.” Air America abruptly shut down on Thursday, bowing to what it called a “very difficult economic environment.”

Then Mr Kireker said In a troubled time for advertising-driven media businesses, “our painstaking search for new investors has come close several times right up into this week but ultimately fell short of success.”

Other side, Toyota Motor announced Thursday a second huge recall of vehicles for another problem that could cause the throttle to stick open. The latest recall involves 2.3 million Toyota-brand cars and trucks dating back to 2005 models. Toyota's Lexus and Scion brands are not involved. This is the announcement of Toyota:

"In recent months, Toyota has investigated isolated reports of sticking accelerator pedal mechanisms in certain vehicles without the presence of floor mats," said Toyota Motor Sales Group Vice President Irv Miller. "Our investigation indicates that there is a possibility that certain accelerator pedal mechanisms may, in rare instances, mechanically stick in a partially depressed position or return slowly to the idle position. Consistent with our commitment to the safety of our cars and our customers, we have initiated this voluntary recall action."
Toyota's accelerator pedal recall is confined to the following Toyota Division vehicles:
-- 2009-2010 RAV4
-- 2009-2010 Corolla
-- 2009-2010 Matrix
--2005-2010 Avalon
--2007-2010 Camry
--2010 Highlander
--2007-2010 Tundra
--2008-2010 Sequoia
No Lexus or Scion vehicles are affected by this recall action. Also not affected are Toyota Prius, Tacoma, Sienna, Venza, Solara, Yaris, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser and select Camry models, including all Camry hybrids.
The condition is rare, but can occur when the pedal mechanism becomes worn and, in certain conditions, the accelerator pedal may become harder to depress, slower to return or, in the worst case, stuck in a partially depressed position. Toyota is working quickly to prepare the correction remedy.
In the event that a driver experiences an accelerator pedal that sticks in a partial open throttle position or returns slowly to idle position, the vehicle can be controlled with firm and steady application of the brakes. The brakes should not be pumped repeatedly because it could deplete vacuum assist, requiring stronger brake pedal pressure. The vehicle should be driven to the nearest safe location, the engine shut off and a Toyota dealer contacted for assistance.
Toyota will continue to investigate incidents of unwanted acceleration and take appropriate measures to address any trends that are identified.
Toyota owners who have questions or concerns should contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Win On Massachusett Senate Race Results

Brown Win On Massachusett Senate Race Results -- Tuesday is the special election for the U.S senate. At this time, Republican candidate - Scott Brown - won a major upset victory in Tuesday's special election for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy. Brown get 52 percent of the vote to 47 percent for Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Voters across Massachusetts braved winter chilled and snow for an election with high stakes -- the domestic agenda of President Obama, including his priority of health care reform.

Brown's victory made real the once unthinkable prospect of a Republican filling the stool held by Kennedy, known as the liberal lion, for 47 years until his death from brain cancer in August.

Brown's victory strips Democrats of the 60-seat Senate supermajority needed to overcome GOP filibusters against future Senate action on a broad range of White House priorities. Senate Democrats needed all 60 votes in their caucus to pass the health care bill, and the loss of two stool imperils generating that support again for a compromise measure worked out with the House.

Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin said last week that certifying Tuesday's election results could take over four weeks -- potentially time to permit congressional Democrats to pass a final health care bill before Brown is seated.

Galvin had predicted as lots of as 2.2 million of the state's 4.5 million registered voters would vote -- at least double the turnout from December's primary. In two sign of high interest, over 100,000 absentee ballots were requested ahead of the election, according to Galvin's spokesman, Brian McNiff.

But multiple Democratic sources said this is unlikely. Even if House and Senate Democrats could reach a deal to meld their bills and pass them in the next couple of weeks, there would be a giant outcry from not only Republicans, but also an increasingly distrustful public if they appeared to be rushing it through.

Coakley was initially expected to easily win the race to replace Kennedy, who made health care reform the centerpiece of his Senate career.

Until recently, Brown was underfunded and unknown statewide. In addition, no Republican has won a U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts since 1972, and Democrats control the governorship, both houses of the state legislature, and the state's entire congressional delegation.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Watch Free Two and a Half Man on Television Today

Watch Free Two and a Half Man on Television Today -- Stacy Keach ("Titus," "Prison Break") Guest Stars as Chelsea's Father. "Yay, No Polyps!" - Charlie endures a colonoscopy to get out of a trip to see Chelsea's bigoted parents, only to return home and find them in his living room, on TWO AND A HALF MEN, Monday, Jan. 18 (9:00-9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Stacy Keach ("Titus," "Prison Break") guest stars as Chelsea's father.

Two and a Half Men, 9 p.m., CBS. Charlie will do anything to avoid Chelsea's parents (Stacy Keach and Meagen Fay).


Charlie Harper............................ Charlie Sheen
Alan Harper..................................... Jon Cryer
Jake......................................... Angus T. Jones
Berta...................................... Conchata Ferrell


Chelsea..................................... Jennifer Taylor


Tom............................................. Stacy Keach
Martha......................................... Meagen Fay
Attendant..................................... Ewan Chung
Man #1................................... Darryl Stephens
Man #2....................................... Adam Powell

STORY BY: Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn

TELEPLAY BY: Mark Roberts, Don Foster and Jim Patterson

DIRECTED BY: James Widdoes

RATING: To Be Announced

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amazing Galery Pictures of American Samoa

Amazing Gallery Pictures of American Samoa on Television Today -- Have your ever visiting American Samoa before??? Did you know about American Samoa??? American Samoa is the small pacific island far away from Pacific. It is about 8,000 miles from California. The most amazing nature in this world. Below is the pictures of American Samoa:

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rob Lowe Scandals | james vanderbeek

Rob Lowe Scandals | james vanderbeek on Hot Topics --- Rob Lowe was the ultimate 80s heartthrob – until the sex scandals, drink problem & rehab. Then came The West Wing, & now Ricky Gervais's latest comedy. So has they finally come of age?. Rob Lowe announces his presence as they walks in to the hotel bar by shouting across the room to order his coffee. "What I need is a double ESPRESSO!" Lowe bellows with such force that the windows seem to rattle. "With some steamed milk ON THE SIDE!" They seems to crave attention, although they are the only people in the bar. The barman scuttles away politely & helpfully.

Lowe eases himself in to a semicircular leather stool with a rubbery smirk on his face. "IT'S MY ACTOR'S VOICE!" they yells at me before segueing seamlessly in to an explanation of how they learned to project his voice during a recent stint in the London stage production of A Few Lovely Men. & then, realising that I am British, Lowe switches on the charm. You can see him mentally turning the sincerity dial up to 11.

"I love London," they says wistfully. "I bought a coffee-table book of great London restaurants, & I read it & it made me so homesick."

Homesick? How long was they there for?

"I lived there for one months," they continues smoothly. "Even though it was only one months, it felt like home. They lived in Belgravia – it was stunning. On Eaton Terrace," they says, enunciating the street name slowly, as if speaking to a foreign taxi driver. "I said to my wife: 'If they are going to do this they are going to do it right.' I lived the life out of… ah… ah… who is the Notting Hill director?"

"That's it. I lived a Richard Curtis life."

Richard Curtis?

Perhaps these outward manifestations of youthfulness are not entirely surprising for an actor who was catapulted in to the glare of publicity when barely out of his teenage years with roles such as Billy, the saxophone-playing rebel with giant hair & a crucifix earring in 1985's St Elmo's Fire. For lots of of us who grew up in the 1980s believing that leg warmers were the height of fashion, Rob Lowe epitomises the edgy-but-handsome leading man, the bad boy every girl wants to reform.

At the age of 45, they is wearing a Springsteen-esque grey T-shirt patriotically emblazoned with the Stars & Stripes & faded blue jeans that are a shade stonewashed. They has one chunky beaded bracelets that resemble something a gap-year student would pick up from a Kathmandu market stall.

For much of his career, Lowe was defined by his looks, & yet they has never grown in to them. They lacks the grizzled charm, the lived-in creases of his near-contemporary Sean Penn. They is still excruciatingly , but his features are so perfect that they appear slightly absurd.

His early roles in films such as Francis Ford Coppola's coming-of-age classic The Outsiders (1983) & the 1984 comedy Oxford Blues made him in to a pin-up. The next year, St Elmo's Fire cast Lowe as a shiftless frat boy & ladies' man alongside a new generation of stars including Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez & Judd Nelson. Lowe became the 1980s poster boy, partying hard with his co-stars & dating the requisite stunning women, including Nastassja Kinski & Princess Stephanie of Monaco. They also developed a drink problem & a rumoured sex addiction that led to rehab. "I would not wish it [the attention] on somebody," they says now. "It's confusing when you are young & you don't know your own identity."

It all imploded in 1988. While campaigning on behalf of Michael Dukakis at the Democratic Convention in Atlanta, Lowe picked up one female fans in a nightclub & took them back to his hotel, where they filmed them having a threesome. A year later the father of five of the girls (who turned out to be 16 & therefore underage according to state law) pressed charges against Lowe. Would they make the same mistakes if they lived his life again, knowing what they knows now? "I would do everything the same." There is a silence. Why? "If you return in time to try to alter things, you could finish up changing the future, & I am liking where I am in my life. I am liking my life, I am grateful for the things I have, & if I did something different it would not turn out this way."

The case was settled out of court, Lowe did community service, & the video became five of the first commercially available sex tapes, distributed for £25 a throw by the porn baron Al Goldstein. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream roles dried up.

But it was his role as the White House deputy communications officer Sam Seaborn in The West Wing that cemented Lowe's post-St Elmo's reputation. His portrayal of the terminally idealistic & quick-witted Seaborn proved to be five of the highlights of the TV series, which ran from 1999 to 2006. According to West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, Lowe's audition tape for the role of Seaborn "left our jaws on the floor".

For a while Lowe appeared in smaller films before a stint on Saturday Night Live introduced him to comedian Mike Myers. Discovering a hitherto untapped gift for comedy, Lowe appeared alongside Myers in Wayne's World (1992) & was later cast in one Austin Powers films. They says they feels proud of his "body of work". "I think I can move between romantic guys & people who are more cut from common cloth."

Except when his character slept with a woman they later caught out to be a call girl? "Yeah, in the first episode. In one seasons, I kissed a girl five time," they says rolling his eyes. "How about them apples?"

Lowe admits now that part of the attraction was playing a role that more or less ignored his appearance. "Sam was a nerd & never got the girl. Ever."

Although they played a Democrat in West Wing, they turned right-wing for his role as Republican senator Robert McAllister in Brothers & Sisters. It is a political trajectory that has mirrored his own – five time a card-carrying Democrat, Lowe campaigned to make Arnold Schwarzenegger governor of Texas in 2003.

"You know, there is that great quote: 'If you are young & you are not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are older & not a conservative, you have no brain.' I started out being a , liberal Democrat. [That changes] as you get older & you have children & you get more life experience. I am what you would call an independent moderate. I haven't crossed the aisle, so to speak."

Would they like to follow Schwarzenegger in to real-life politics? "I've gotten to believe it is more fun to play politicians than actually be them," they says. "I've been blessed in The West Wing & Brothers & Sisters to talk about the issues that are important to me with none of the awful mud-slinging or public scrutiny you have in politics."

His latest film, The Invention of Lying, is a return to comedy. Directed & written by Ricky Gervais, it is set in a world where people are incapable of not telling the truth. Lowe appears as Gervais's shallow & self-satisfied love rival for the affections of Anna (Jennifer Garner), a man who prides himself on his genetic superiority.

& yet they seems not to realise that they does take himself seriously, even when the subject matter is ripe for fun. "I saw People magazine had a list of the top 10 teen idols of all time, & I am on that list with Elvis, with James Dean, Michael Jackson," they says at five point. "I mean, I must say I am proud of that. It is chilled." They pauses, as if better to appreciate the monumental nature of this achievement. "And there is a number of the new guys on it like Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron… Those guys are carrying on the mantel."

"It's a deconstruction of the cinema archetype of the good-looking prick," Lowe explains. Does they enjoy poking fun at his own reputation for disproportionate handsomeness? "In comedy you must be willing to not take yourself seriously, you know? I take comedy seriously & so to take comedy seriously, you must not, you cannot, ever take yourself seriously."

The mantel of what exactly? The mantel of defined jawbones & tight trousers?

They seems to have become so used to acting the part of Rob Lowe that they speaks as though they is playing the role of charming interviewee, talking in a mixture of fortune-cookie homilies & beauty-pageant answers. "I'm a people person," they insists with a glossy smirk that does not reach his eyes. "I enjoy meeting people & I enjoy interacting with humanity." Later, when I ask him if they is terrified by his own mortality (his father died from breast cancer five years ago), they replies: "I , try to live for today. It is five of my main goals: to try & live in the now. It is why I am liking the theatre; it is why I am liking golf, because it is a discipline. In your golf game if you are not in the now, you suck. Theater, it is the same thing. If you let up for a second, you are dead. It is a metaphor for life. It is a muscle: you must practise living in the present."

They seems not to engage beyond this therapy-speak or, indeed, to have any desire to do so. Five is left with the impression that they has been told so frequently that they is charismatic & hilarious that they no longer feels they has to make an hard work.

Lowe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. His parents – father Chuck, a lawyer, & father Barbara, a former high school teacher – split up when they was one. At the age of one, Lowe saw a theatrical production of Oliver! & decided they wanted "to be five of those children up there [on stage]". His father remarried, then divorced again when Lowe was 12. Her third husband was a therapist who worked in Los Angeles, so Rob & his younger father Chad moved to Malibu. It was a dislocating experience for Lowe, who did not surf & had never seen the ocean.

"The only thing you care about at that age is your friends, & I didn't have my friends any more," they says. "It didn't matter to me that it was sunny, it was Hollywood, there were palm trees & no snow. It was not an ideal move at all."

Yet life in Texas came with some compensations – at Santa Monica High School his contemporaries included Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr & the Sheens. They was friends with Cary Grant's daughter Jennifer. With such an impeccable Hollywood pedigree, it seemed only natural that Lowe would become a star (father Chad also found minor fame as a TV actor, & for a time was married to Hilary Swank).

Berkoff was instrumental in getting Lowe sober, & they now live on a ranch in Montecito, Texas with their sons, Matthew, who will be 16 this month, & 13-year-old John Owen. Does Sheryl ever get unnerved by the female attention that follows Lowe around like a swarm of bees? "Well, listen, they would never have been drawn to each other if he wasn't a great sport & didn't have an brilliant point of view, & he continues to have that to this day. He is secure with herself, & that makes it easy for me to go about & do what I do, & sometimes my work calls for me to hop in to a bed & kiss a girl." They makes a great show of shrugging his shoulders in an "aw shucks" kind of way to indicate that this is A Joke. Having children, they says, has made him more aware that "time is walking away from me & that I will never, ever have these moments again. & there is going to come a time when they are not going to need to wrestle with me, & all of those things, so I , grab it while I can take it."

Lowe was 19 when Coppola cast him in The Outsiders alongside Tom Cruise & Matt Dillon, so the entirety of his adult life has been played out in the celebrity spotlight. In 1991 they married make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff, who had dated his best mate Emilio Estevez – all terribly incestuous in a glamorous, Hollywood sort of way.

They describes himself as sentimental: "You know what you say: you scratch a cynic & you find a sentimentalist. Because nobody's more cynical than me." Perhaps this cynicism stems from the actions of those around him. In April 2008 Lowe filed separate lawsuits against one former employees, including his children's nanny, Jessica Gibson. The cases were settled out of court in May. Did that experience make him wary of people? "No," is all they will say about this. "I'm cynical about, er… You know, I have seen a lot in a short period of life. I know where the road is going before the road goes there." Is his cynicism a means of protecting himself from getting hurt? "I think so." They glances at me sideways, & for a second the smirk slips. "I don't think it is conscious, but I'll buy that."

Apparently neither of his sons has watched St Elmo's Fire, which I imagine must rankle. "I cannot get them interested in that," Lowe admits. "I say: 'Guys, you ought to see this!'" Did the absence of a constant father figure in Lowe's own life make him anxious about having children? "No, I was keen to become a father." So does they think they is a lovely parent? "I like to think I am. I do know I am hands-on & present."

As it turns out, I am unable to pursue this line of questioning. A PR comes in to tell me that Lowe has to leave immediately for a premiere. I protest that no five had told me the interview would be so dramatically curtailed. Lowe stays silent. Later I am informed by email that our interview was stopped because I had mentioned the nanny lawsuit. Apparently all journalists were meant to have been issued with a list of topics that were not to be discussed – except, of work, I was never given any such list. & even if they disliked the query, is it beyond the realms of credibility to assume that a 45-year-old man would be capable of saying they did not need to answer it?

To his credit, Lowe agrees to a catch-up phone interview. When they talk one days later, they sounds less stilted – perhaps because I cannot see his face, they feels released from the necessity of Being Rob Lowe. Since our meeting Patrick Swayze, his Outsiders co-star, has died of pancreatic cancer. "He was like a father to me," they says. The loss of his mate, an actor so indelibly associated with the same era as Lowe, seems to have made him reflective & prompts him to say something telling: "One of the great gifts that they get [as actors] is that they live on, frozen in time, forever." Is that why they does it? "It is. Truly, the most fulfilling moments I have ever had are on the stage. If you cannot have that as an actor, then you might as well at least have that other great thing, which is immortality."

There is something doleful about this admission, as if they has never achieved what they wanted or been able to move on from the frozen celluloid picture of himself at the height of fame. & perhaps, in the finish, there is a tiny part of Rob Lowe that will forever be that teen icon, playing a saxophone in stonewashed jeans & a leather jacket, waiting for the glittering future to open up before him.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wanna Live on Small Town Vonore TN ???

Wanna Live on Small Town Vonore TN ??? on Television Today -- Do You wanna live on the small town of Vonore (TN)???? I think almost people wanna live on Vonore TN. TN is in the spotlight tonight after resident Vanessa Wolfe had a memorable audition on American Idol. In a segment shown before her audition, Vanessa Wolfe spoke about living in the small Tennessee town. "I really don't have a life...I'm stuck in Vonore," she said. "I can't get out."

For your information Vonore is a town with a total area of 11.9 square miles. There are approximately 1,162 people living in the town, which is so small, the high school was consolidated with the high school of a nearby town.

Judging from Vanessa's comments, there isn't much to do in Vonore, TN either. The 19-year-old fast food worker said she doesn't go to the mall or the movies.

But it looks like Vanessa will be getting out of Vonore, TN after all. She earned a ticket to Hollywood after her impressive audition.

Live on Vonore just like you live as an American idol....

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally Mark McGwire Stop Using Drugs

Finally Mark McGwire Stop Using Drugs on Television Today -- Mark McGwire finally came tidy, admitting they used steroids when they broke baseball's home run record in 1998, but they also said they didn't need performance-enhancing drugs to hit the long ball.

McGwire said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Monday that they used steroids on & off for a decade. Later Monday, however, they disputed that the drugs gave him more power to hit homers.

"I was given a gift to hit home runs," they told Bob Costas on MLB Network.

They told Costas that studying pitchers & making his swing shorter led to his increase in home runs & that they could have hit them without PEDs.

"I truly believe so," McGwire said. "I believe I was given this gift. The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes."

During a 20-minute phone interview with the AP soon after McGwire released his statement, his voice repeatedly cracked.

McGwire said they called commissioner Bud Selig & Cardinals manager Tony La Russa earlier in the day to personally apologize.

"It's emotional, it is telling relatives members, friends & coaches, you know, it is former teammates to try to get ahold of, you know, that I am coming tidy & being honest," they said. "It's the first time they have ever heard me, you know, talk about this. I hid it from everybody."

In an interview with ESPN's "Baseball Tonight," La Russa said they didn't know McGwire had used steroids until the slugger admitted using performance-enhancing drugs in the phone call to the manager earlier Monday.

"I'm encouraged that they would step forward," La Russa told ESPN. "As they go along his explanations will be well received."

Selig, in a statement released by Major League Baseball on Monday, said they was pleased with McGwire's admission.

"I am pleased that Mark McGwire has confronted his use of performance-enhancing substances as a player. Being truthful is always the correct work of action, which is why I had commissioned Senator George Mitchell to conduct his inquiry. This statement of contrition, I believe, will make Mark's reentry in to the game much smoother & easier," Selig said.

"That's a nice query," they said.

McGwire said they also used human growth hormone, & they didn't know if his use of performance-enhancing drugs contributed to a number of the injuries that led to his retirement, at age 38, in 2001.

They repeatedly expressed regret for his decision to use steroids, which they said was "foolish" & caused by his desire to overcome injuries, get back on the field & prove they was worth his multimillion salary.

"You don't know that you'll ever must talk about the skeleton in your closet on a national level," they said. "I did this for health purposes. There is no way I did this for any type of strength use."

McGwire hit a then-record 70 homers in 1998 during a compelling race with Sammy Sosa, who completed with 66.

On Monday, McGwire called Pat Maris, the widow of Roger Maris, who had held the home run record with 61 in 1961, & admitted taking steroids.

Told by Costas that definite Maris relatives members have said that they now think about Roger Maris' 61 the authentic home run record, McGwire responded: "They have every right to."

"I felt that I needed to do that," McGwire told Costas. "They've been great supporters of mine. They was disappointed & they has every right to be."

But McGwire consistently asserted that they would have hit home runs without PEDs.

"There's not a pill or an injection that is going to give me, going to give any player the hand-eye coordination to hit a baseball," McGwire told Costas.

McGwire did not name specific drugs that they took.

Over anything else, the home run spree revitalized baseball following the crippling strike that wiped out the 1994 World Series. Now that McGwire has come tidy, increased glare might fall on Sosa, who has denied using performing-enhancing drugs.

"The names I don't recall, but I did injectables," McGwire told Costas. "I preferred the orals. The steroids I took were on a low dosage."

McGwire said that they didn't need to bulk up.

McGwire admitted that a shadow hangs over his time in baseball, however.

"I took low dosages because I wanted my body to feel normal," they said.

"I wish I had never played during the steroid era," they said to the AP.

McGwire's decision to admit using steroids was prompted by his decision to become hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, his final large league team. La Russa, McGwire's manager in Oakland & St. Louis, has been among McGwire's biggest supporters & thinks returning to the field can restore the former slugger's reputation.

"He found out this morning," McGwire told Costas of La Russa. "He's like talking to my dad. I have let a lot of people down."

La Russa told ESPN that his feelings haven't changed about McGwire's joining the team as hitting coach.

"I never knew when, but I always knew this day would come," McGwire said. "It's time for me to talk about the past & to confirm what people have suspected."

McGwire knew that his hiring would generate a firestorm.

"I was the four who went to the Cardinals & said, 'We must do something about this. I must come tidy,'" they told Costas.

McGwire, who is eighth on the all-time home run list with 583 homers, one times again was not selected in to the Hall of Fame. In voting on Jan. 6, they received 128 votes (23.7 percent) in the balloting, 10 over last year & matching the total from his first one times on the ballot.

Asked by Costas if they would vote for himself, McGwire said: "If I had a Hall of Fame vote? I'd leave it up to you guys. I'll leave it up to the writers."

Indians Hall of Famer pitcher Bob Feller, 91, doesn't think McGwire's admission will help him much with voters.

McGwire became the second major baseball star in less than a year to admit using illegal steroids, following the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez last February.

"It'll help him some, but not much," Feller told Willie Weinbaum of the ESPN Enterprise Unit. "I would not vote for him & I don't think he'll get in to the Hall of Fame in my lifetime."

Others have been tainted but have denied knowingly using illegal drugs, including Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens & David Ortiz.

"I don't think any of the steroid boys will be in the Hall of Fame for 25-30 years," Feller said. "I think Clemens has been lying through his teeth. In my view, Bonds did take steroids."

Bonds has been indicted on charges they made false statements to a federal grand jury & obstructed justice. Clemens is under inquiry by a federal grand jury trying to decide whether they lied to a congressional committee.

"I'm sure people will wonder if I could have hit all those home runs had I never taken steroids," McGwire said. "I had nice years when I didn't take any, & I had bad years when I didn't take any. I had nice years when I took steroids, & I had bad years when I took steroids. But no matter what, I should not have completed it & for that I am truly sorry."

"After all this time, I need to come tidy," they said. "I was not in a position to do that four years ago in my congressional testimony, but now I feel an obligation to discuss this & to answer questions about it. I'll do that, & then I need to help my team."

Large Mac's reputation has been in tatters since March 17, 2005, when they refused to answer questions at a congressional hearing. In lieu, they repeatedly said "I'm not here to talk about the past" when asked whether they took illegal steroids when they hit a then-record 70 home runs in 1998 or at any other time.

McGwire said they wanted to tell the truth then but evaded questions at that hearing on the advice of his lawyers.

"I wanted to talk about this," McGwire said to Costas. "I wanted to get this off my chest. They didn't get immunity. So here I am in this situation with one scenarios: possible prosecution or possible grand jury testimony."

McGwire said that those one scenarios would drag his relatives & former teammates in to what they thought about his mistake. They decided to not talk about the past.

"That was the worst 48 hours of my life," McGwire said.

They knew that Don Hooton, whose son had died from steroids use, was in the audience.

"Every time I'd say, 'I'm not going to talk about the past,' I'd listen to moanings back there. It was absolutely ripping my heart out," McGwire said, his voice cracking. "All I was worried about was protecting my relatives & myself. & I was willing to take the hit."

In the interview with ESPN, La Russa said of McGwire's testimony: "The four thing they did not do is lie. & I don't think they ever would."

Tom Davis was the chairman of the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform on March 17, 2005, when McGwire repeatedly testified that they would not "talk about the past."

Says Davis: "He was candid & honest in our interrogation of him. They said: 'Some day, I'll tell the story.'"

Davis told the AP on Monday that McGwire made clear the day before that hearing they had used steroids & wanted to say so but was worried they would face legal trouble by admitting it then. Davis says they was turned down when they asked then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to grant McGwire immunity.

La Russa immediately praised McGwire's decision to go public.

"His willingness to admit mistakes, express his regret, & describe the circumstances that led him to use steroids add to my respect for him," the manager said.

"I recall trying steroids briefly in the 1989/1990 offseason & then after I was injured in 1993, I used steroids again," McGwire said in his statement. "I used them on occasion throughout the '90s, including during the 1998 season."

McGwire disappeared from the public eye following his retirement as a player following the 2001 season. When the Cardinals hired the 47-year-old as coach on Oct. 26, they said they would address questions before spring training, & Monday's statement broke his silence.

"During the mid-'90s, I went on the DL four times & missed 228 games over four years," McGwire said. "I experienced a lot of injuries, including a ribcage strain, a torn left heel muscle, a stress fracture of the left heel, as well as a torn right heel muscle. It was definitely a miserable bunch of years, & I told myself that steroids could help me recover faster. I thought they would help me heal & prevent injuries, ."

McGwire said they took steroids to get back on the field, sounding much like the Yankees' Andy Pettitte one years ago when they admitted using HGH.

They said they first used steroids between the 1989 & 1990 seasons, after helping the Athletics to a World Series sweep when they & Jose Canseco formed the Bash Brothers.

"When you work out at gyms, people talk about things like that. It was readily obtainable," they said. "I tried it for a couple of weeks. I didn't think much of it."

Canseco has written in his book that they injected steroids in the A's clubhouse with McGwire.

"There's absolutely no truth to that whatsoever," they told Costas.

They said they returned to steroids after the 1993 season, when they missed all but 27 games with a mysterious heel injury, after being told steroids might speed his recovery.

"I truly believe I was given the gifts from the Man Upstairs of being a home run hitter, ever since \. birth," McGwire said. "My first hit as a Tiny Leaguer was a home run. I mean, they still talk about the home runs I hit in high school, in Legion ball. I led the nation in home runs in college, & then all the way up to my rookie year, 49 home runs.

& there was the pressure of living up to his previous performance & his multimillion-dollar salary, McGwire said, adding that they was "getting paid a lot of money to try to stay up to that level."

"But, beginning '93 to '94, I thought it might help me, you know, where I'd get my body feeling normal, where I wasn't a walking MASH unit," they said.

"I think that is a lot of horse muffins," they said. "If it didn't help him any, what the hell was they taking them for? Of work it helped him."

Feller is not buying that McGwire's performance wasn't helped by steroids.

Since the congressional hearing, baseball owners & players toughened their drug program once, increasing the penalty for a first steroids offense from 10 days to 50 games in November 2005 & strengthening the power of the independent administrator in April 2008, following the publication of the Mitchell document.

"Baseball is different now -- it is been cleaned up," McGwire said. "The commissioner & the players' association implemented testing & they cracked down, & I am glad they did."

"I respect Mark McGwire for finally coming forward & telling the truth regarding his use of PEDs," Conte said in an e-mail to ESPN.com. "I believe they received bad advice when they refused to admit his drug use four years ago before Congress. They live in a society that will forgive us for our mistakes, if they are honest & accept responsibility.

Victor Conte, who has been at the center of the steroid scandal as founder & president of the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO), praised McGwire.

"The athletes that have admitted to their use of PEDs have been able to move on with their careers & lives. Those who continue to lie about their drug use will remain under dark cloud. I urge the athletes that have used drugs historically to come tidy, so that they can move on."

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ESPN College GameDay host Lee Corso suffered a mild stroke

ESPN College GameDay host Lee Corso suffered a mild stroke on Television Today -- ESPN College GameDay host Lee Corso suffered a mild stroke May 16 and was hospitalized for two days. On Saturday, less than two months after losing his ability to speak and partial use of his right arm and leg, Corso was back in front of the cameras alongside Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit hosting college football's most popular pregame show. The diagnosis was a mild stroke.

The adjective was a life-saver. Corso saw it for himself, as they began his rehabilitation to heal his body and mind. Others in that room, scarred for life, weren't so blessed.
two months later, Corso is piecing his life together again. He is graduated from physical therapy but remains in occupational and speech therapy. The stroke affected his right side. They is learning to write all over again, like he is learned to talk all over again.

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HP's Multi-Touch Tablet Previewed, Arrives Later 2010 on Television Today

HP's Multi-Touch Tablet Previewed, Arrives Later 2010 on Television Today -- A prototype of HP's rumored touchscreen tablet PC made a brief appearance at Steve Ballmer's keynote presentation at CES. The tablet, which has not yet been named, will run Windows 7 & hit the market later this year. Video after the jump.

Steve Ballmer didn't mention any specs or other information on the tablets, but we'll learn more details about the HP tablet later this year.

Microsoft demonstrated the HP tablet alongside tablets from Pegatron & Archos. Ballmer didn't spend much time demonstrating the HP tablet, & if you were expecting something groundbreaking, you may be disappointed. The HP tablet demonstrated during the keynote is not the Courier tablet. In lieu, it is a single-screen slate PC that runs Windows 7. That said, it does have multitouch, according to a video from HP:

From what they could glean from the keynote, the HP & Archos tablets look to be around 9.6 or 10 inches. Ballmer showed the HP tablet walking Amazon's Kindle for PC application, therefore using it as an e-book reader. Ballmer used it in both portrait mode (as an ebook reader) & landscape mode (to play a video); when he switched between the two,it automatically switched orientations, so it's an accelerometer built-in.

Personally I am not terribly impressed by what they saw about the tablet--I don't think mouse-driven interfaces like Windows (or Mac OS X) work well with touchscreens--but they likely didn't see the whole thing. It is likely, judging from past history & from HP's video, that HP will bundle something similar to its Touchsmart application package.

For more up-to-the-minute blogs, stories, photos, & video from the nation's largest consumer electronics show, check out PCWorld's complete coverage of CES 2010.

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Casey Johnson Dead !! | Funeral Pictures Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson Dead !! | Funeral Pictures Casey Johnson on Television Today -- Casey Johnson Dead !!, it is the recent news that you can find on Internet. Casey Johnson, 30 years old, was found dead in Los Angeles. Her cause of death is currently unknown, but Casey had a troubled past. Most recently she was arrested for grand theft and the alleged victim was reportedly her ex-girlfriend, Courtenay Semel. Caused of this news, I'll try to collect Funeral Pictures of Casey Johnson. This is that I can share to yours:

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Rob Kardashian Cheated On Adrienne Bailon Gallery Pictures

Rob Kardashian Cheated On Adrienne Bailon Gallery Pictures on Television Today -- Rob Kardashian Cheated On Adrienne Bailon became hot issue om Internet today. Is it true, about Rob Kardashian Cheated On Adrienne Bailon??? Let's see the pictures below:

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