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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mackenzie Mathis and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) (also known as "Cutis hyperelastica") is a group of inherited connective tissue disorders, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen (a protein in connective tissue). The collagen in connective tissue helps tissues to resist deformation (increases its elasticity). In the skin, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, and visceral organs collagen plays a very significant role and with reduced elasticity, secondary to abnormal collagen, pathology results. Depending on the individual mutation, the severity of the syndrome can vary from mild to life-threatening. There is no cure and treatment is supportive, including close monitoring of cardiovascular system.

The syndrome is named after two doctors, Edvard Ehlers of Denmark, and Henri-Alexandre Danlos of France, who identified it at the turn of the 20th century.Symptoms vary widely based on which type of EDS the patient has. In each case, however, the symptoms are ultimately due to faulty or reduced amounts of Type III collagen. EDS most typically affects the joints, skin, and blood vessels, the major signs and symptoms include:

* Highly flexible fingers and toes
* Loose, unstable joints that are prone to: sprains, dislocations, subluxations (partial dislocations), hyperextension (double jointedness)
* Flat feet
* High and narrow palate, resulting in dental crowding
* Easy bruising
* Fragile blood vessels resulting from cystic medial necrosis with tendency towards aneurysm (even abdominal aortic aneurysm)
* Velvety-smooth skin which may be stretchy
* Abnormal wound healing and scar formation
* Low muscle tone and Muscle weakness
* Early onset of osteoarthritis
* Cardiac effects: Dysautonomia typically accompanied by Valvular heart disease (such as mitral valve prolapse, which creates an increased risk for infective endocarditis during surgery, as well as possibly progressing to a life-threatening degree of severity of the prognosis of mitral valve prolapse)

Other, less common symptoms and complications can include:

* Osteopenia (low bone density)
* Deformities of the spine, such as: Scoliosis (curvature of the spine), Kyphosis (a thoracic hump), Tethered spinal cord syndrome, Occipitoatlantoaxial hypermobility , Arnold-Chiari malformation
* Functional bowel disorders (functional gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome)
* Nerve compression disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome, acroparesthesia, neuropathy)
* Vascular skin conditions: Raynaud's phenomenon, Livedo reticularis
* Fibromyalgia symptoms: Myalgia and arthralgia
* otosclerosis (hearing loss)
* Premature rupture of membranes during pregnancy
* Platelet aggregation failure (platelets do not clump together properly)
* Infants with hypermobile joints often appear to have weak muscle tone (hypotonia), which can delay the development of motor skills such as sitting, standing, and walking
* Arterial/intestinal/uterine fragility or rupture

Because it is often goes undiagnosed in childhood, some instances of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome have been mischaracterized as child abuse. The pain associated with this condition is a serious complication.

Mackenzie Mathis appreciates a lot these days.

A walk to the fridge is much easier than it was a year ago. Her performances at dance recitals could be described as a testimony.

Two years ago, Mathis began having nonstop headaches that couldn't be explained.A year later, her legs started to feel numb and she walked with short, slow steps.

Two surgeries later, Mathis now walks with a normal stride, drives and dances. She's taking a new approach to life.

"She's a bit of a miracle child," said her grandmother Pat Mathis. "A lot of prayers went up for her, and the Lord answered them."

Mathis, 19, was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a neurological condition, last December. She visited several doctors who couldn't explain the headaches or what caused her legs to give out. It was frustrating; at times, she felt as if people doubted what she complained of feeling.

"It was very difficult," Mathis said. "It was a lot of going to doctors who said, 'Maybe it's this,' and they'd do tests and my tests would come back normal. We could see how things were getting worse, but no one could do anything about it."

She visited family doctors, neurologists, ear, nose and throat doctors and a chiropractor. Mathis was told she might have had migraines, lupus or fibromyalgia.

"It was frustrating," said her mom, Lisa Mathis. "There was never an option to not follow up on what was going on."

Once Mackenzie had difficulty walking long periods of time and needed wheelchairs at the mall and the airport, the family started searching harder.

A family friend got Lisa Mathis in touch with a family whose children were diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos. The symptoms that family's children experienced matched what Mackenzie was dealing with. Lisa Mathis said this helped get the family on the right track to find a diagnosis.

Ehlers-Danlos is a collection of genetic disorders that affect collagen, a protein that adds strength and elasticity to connective tissue. Patients often experience a downward pull of the spinal cord, which causes Chiari malformation.

According to Mackenzie's doctor, that's when the cerebellum, which controls balance, and the brainstem push downward. The pressure creates a range of problems, including the headaches and balance issues she experienced.

She underwent two surgeries that have returned her life to normal.

One surgery removed some of the ligament that pulled her spinal cord downward. The second surgery was a cranial spinal procedure, which improved the relationship between her skull base and her upper spine to eliminate the brain stem's deformation.

"Those two surgeries completely changed my life, and I can now do things I didn't think I would do again," Mackenzie said.

Lisa Mathis said her daughter's recovery was quick compared with some who have been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos.

"Her story is not typical of these patients, probably because we moved quick compared to others," said Lisa Mathis, who said it sometimes takes people 10 to 20 years to receive an Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis.

Mackenzie Mathis is helping other Ehlers-Danlos families. She's learned that about 50 families in North and South Carolina are dealing with the condition. In January, she'll host a support group for those families in Spartanburg. Her neurosurgeon is based in Bethesda, Md., and she serves as a spokeswoman for the hospital and answers questions from Ehlers-Danlos patients through e-mail and Facebook. She's also blogging about her recovery, and the blog has been read by people as far away as the United Kingdom.

Mathis spent a lot of time visiting doctors last year, so she's repeating her senior year at Oakbrook Preparatory School. Her effort to raise awareness about Ehlers-Danlos is part of her senior project.

"It's given me a purpose in life and has made me grow up to be thankful for everything," Mathis said.

Jenny Howard, her dance instructor at Oakbrook, said it was heart-breaking when Mathis was able to attend class last year.

"On the days that she could come to school, she would have to just sit and watch," Howard said.

Howard said seeing Mathis dance again is a miracle and gives her goose bumps.

"It's still kind of unreal," Howard said. "Nobody can believe it. It's almost like none of this happened."

Looking back, Mackenzie thinks some of the attributes that helped her with dance might have been signs of Ehlers-Danlos. Mathis, a dancer since second grade, does modern dance.

"I've always known I was hypermobile," said Mathis, who could twist her arms and pop joints. "I thought it was good for a neat trick and my dance."

Seeing her dance again is an emotional experience.

"That was the biggest blessing," Lisa Mathis said. "It was who she was. We didn't dare think she would dance again. We just wanted to get rid of her headache."

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert AMA Video Youtube Controversy | Watch Full

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Kenny Britt Autobiography | Hot Player

Kenny Britt Autobiography | Hot Player on Television Today -- Kenneth "Kenny" Britt was born on September 19, 1988. Kenny Britt is an American football wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League. Ranked a four-star prospect by Rivals.com, Britt spurned numerous suitors to stay home at his home-state university, Rutgers University. Pressed into the starting lineup as a true freshman in 2006, Britt exploded down the stretch, playing a major role in one of the biggest wins in school history in the 2006 victory over Louisville.

Britt continued his stellar play in 2007, making 62 receptions for 1232 yards and 8 touchdowns, averaging 19.9 yards per catch. Britt led all sophomores in Division I-A football in receiving yards and yards per reception, finishing 11th and 5th in those categories respectively for all of I-A. Britt also led the Big East conference in both categories in 2007, and was rewarded with a spot on the Big East's All-Conference team, and was named by Rutgers as its 2007 offensive MVP.

Coming in to 2008, Britt has been named to the preseason All-Big East teams by numerous publications, including Phil Steele and Athlon. NationalChamps.net named Britt an honorable mention All-American.
The Big East Conference's elite receiver ended his brilliant three-year career as the league's all-time leading receiver with 3,043 receiving yards in just 34 games. The Associated Press third-team All-American ranked second in the nation with an average of 114.25 receiving yards per game and finished eighth nationally with 87 receptions, an average of 7.25 grabs each contest.

Known for his ability to gain yardage after the catch, Britt closed out his career in explosive fashion, registering his 14th 100-yard receiving game vs. North Carolina State in the PapaJohns.com Bowl. That total tied the Big East Conference record that was first set by Larry Fitzgerald of Pittsburgh (2002-03). That record also included a string of five consecutive 100-yard performances during his junior campaign.

Britt also etched his name in the school record books. His 17 touchdown catches tied the Rutgers all-time record and he also became the all-time leader in receiving yardage (3,043) while ranking third on the school career-record list with 178 receptions, a total that also places him fourth in Big East history.

After his banner 2008 campaign that saw Britt establish Scarlet Knight season records with 87 catches for 1,371 yards, the junior decided to forgo his final season and declared for the 2009 NFL Draft. He is the second player in the Greg Schiano era at Rutgers to leave school early, joining tailback Ray Rice, a second-round draft selection of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2008 NFL Draft. During Britt's three-year career in Piscataway, the Scarlet Knights won 27 games, including three bowl victories.

At Bayonne High School, the local product was rated the 22nd-best receiver in the country and the fifth-best overall talent in the state of New Jersey by Rivals.com. The Prep Star and Super Prep All-American added All-Hudson County first-team honors from the Hudson County Interscholastic Athletic Association, The Star-Ledger and Jersey Journal.

As a senior, Britt was credited with 24 receptions for 462 yards and six touchdowns. That total included seven catches for 136 yards vs. Bridgewater-Raritan and he also eclipsed the 100-yard mark vs. Union Hill with four catches for 112 yards. As a junior, he added 28 catches for 515 yards and six touchdowns. He would conclude his prep career with an appearance in the 2006 New York/New Jersey Governor's Bowl.

Britt enrolled at Rutgers in 2006, where the coaching staff originally planned to redshirt him. However, solid performances in practices forced the team to activate him for nine games, as he started six of the final seven contests. He would go on to make 29 catches for 440 yards (15.2 avg.) and a pair of touchdowns, all coming in those six starting assignments, including an eye-popping total 10 catches vs. West Virginia, a team that boasted one of the top secondaries in the country.

Despite posting the sixth-best receiving yardage total in Big East Conference history (1,232 yards) and ranking second on the team with 62 receptions (19.9 avg.), Britt was only named to the league's All-Big East second team. He also hauled in eight passes for touchdowns, averaging 94.77 aerial yards per game. For that performance, he was named the team's Offensive Most Valuable Player.

Britt finally began to receive national attention in 2008. The third-team All-American and first-team All-Big East pick led the league in receptions (7.25 pg) and receiving yards (114.25 ypg). He set school season records with 87 receptions and 1,371 yards (15.8 avg.), as his yardage total was the second-best season effort in conference annals. He also was used in the backfield, completing his only collegiate pass attempt for 28 yards while adding 75 yards and a score on seven reverses.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stephanie Spielman Death | Wife Of Chris Spielman

Stephanie Spielman Death | Wife Of Chris Spielman on Television Today -- Stefanie Spielman, the wife of NFL and Ohio State star Chris Spielman who led a public fight against breast cancer, died Thursday after a lengthy battle with the disease. She was 42.

Stefanie Spielman died at the family's home in Upper Arlington, surrounded by her family, said WBNS radio in Columbus, where Chris Spielman co-hosts a show.

"Stefanie has gone home to be with the Lord," Chris Spielman said in a statement released by the station. "For that, we celebrate, but with broken hearts. I want to thank everyone for their support over the last 12 years. Together, with your help, hopefully we made a difference in this fight."

Stephanie Spielman has passed away. Those of us here in central Ohio will remember her courage and her extraordinary dedication to raise money for the Stephanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

Stefanie Spielman was 30 years old and three months pregnant in 1998 when she detected a lump in her breast. She later miscarried and discovered she had cancer. She survived four bouts with cancer before a fifth recurrence in March.

Chris Spielman was playing linebacker with the Buffalo Bills when he decided to give up football for a year to stay home with his wife and children. When his wife lost her hair because of chemotherapy treatments, he shaved his head.

"People say 'It's a great thing that you're doing,' Chris Spielman said at the time. "I always say it would be a terrible thing if I didn't."

The Spielmans became advocates for breast-cancer detection and research, winning several awards for their dedication to the cause.

The Spielmans raised more than $6 million for breast cancer research at Ohio State through the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

She helped form a support group for young women with breast cancer, hosted an annual event that honored cancer survivors and created a fund to help breast cancer patients and their families who struggled financially. She was inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame in 2002 for her work.

"We have lost a leader in the fight against cancer," seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong said. "Stefanie was a living example of courage and strength to everyone around her. "

Two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin, the president and CEO of the Ohio State Alumni Association, said Stefanie Spielman was a compassionate person who "took her personal struggle and used it as a platform to help other women battling breast cancer." He said the Ohio State community was "tremendously saddened" by her death.

Chris Spielman played 10 seasons in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills before retiring after a violent hit that left him momentarily paralyzed when he was with the Cleveland Browns.

Stefanie Spielman is survived by her husband and their four children, Madison, Noah, Macy and Audrey.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Target Black Friday Ads 2009 | Free Sale

Target Black Friday Ads 2009 | Free Sale on Television Today -- We’ve been waiting for the Target Black Friday Ad 2009 for a while now and it’s finally here. The popular department store, Target, will open at 5:00 a.m. on "Black Friday," the biggest shopping day of the year which falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Many shoppers this year have been searching the Internet looking for advance ads from retail chains. Some, such as Sears and KMart, have posted their ads early to give shoppers advance planning.

The pre-Black Friday deal buzz continues to heat up today as Walmart's deals have been leaked to web, following Best Buy and Apple earlier this week. The multi-national mega-retailer's sale ad includes a host of sweet electronics deals, should you to decide to brave the cold, irritable sales staff, and long lines the day after Thanksgiving. According to the ad, which surfaced on BlackFriday.info, the retailer will be slashing prices on Digital Cameras, DVD players, GPS systems, TVs, and more. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Sony BDP-S369 Blu-ray Player for $148.0o
  2. TomTom One 125-SE GPS for $59.00
  3. Western Digital 1TB 3.5" External HDD for $78.00
  4. Sony Bravia 40" KDL40S504 1080p LCD TV for $598.00
  5. Samsung 32" 720p LCD TV for $398.00
  6. Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle with Madagascar 2 the Game, Madagascar 2 (DVD), and Madagascar (DVD) for $199.99
  7. PlayStation 3 with Infamous, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Dark Knight on Blu-ray for $299.00

The retail giant is offering a ton of great options this year from $3 appliances to $150 Sony Blu-Ray Players and various other Black Friday blowouts.

The most touted of the companies specials are their $3 appliance which include: Chefmate 1.5-Quart Slow Cooker, Chefmate 12-Cup Coffeemaker Chefmate 2-Slice Sandwich Maker and the Chefmate 2-Slice Toaster.

If you’re looking for a little more fun and by that I mean electronics there’s always the TomTom XL 340S with 4.3 inch display for $97, a great deal on a great GPS. You can also pick up the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player for $149.99 and then add some Blu-Ray discs for a very low $8.99, while some other “select” Blu-Rays will run you $12.99. TV Box Sets and Various DVD’s are also available at $8.99, while some CDs are selling for as low as $6.50.

Computer users will also be happy to find the Western Digital Elements 1TB Desktop hard Drive for $59.98 and the WD My Passport 500GB external for the same price of $59.98.

Their also pushing the Westinghoue 32″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $246.00, a respectable price, but you’ll probably need to be in line at 3am to get your hands on one.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biggest Loser Resort At Fitness Ridge | Remote Area

Biggest Loser Resort At Fitness Ridge | Remote Area on Television Today -- The Biggest Loser Resort situated at Fitness Ridge. It is affordable, calorie controlled and is a structured program and fast becoming the best in the weight loss resort industry. NBC Universal's "Biggest Loser" franchise has partnered with a resort in Utah to create the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, billed as a place where clients can enjoy the same experience as competitors on the weight-loss show. The Biggest Loser is branching out even further now. With The Biggest Loser Wii video game being released today and a resort in Utah, the franchise is bringing The Biggest Loser experience to everyone.

This resort looks amazing! The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge is set in Ivins, Utah, in the most breathtaking setting. This resort experience is supposed to give you the same sort of training, etc as you would get as a contestant on the show. Of course it comes with a hefty price tag! You have to stay for a minimum of one week and the prices begin at $1,595. The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge provides the most affordable, calorie-controlled, structured program in the weight loss resort industry. Selected to be the exclusive weight loss destination to NBC's television show "The Biggest Loser", The Resort offers a boot camp style program for men and women of any fitness level. Our program is aligned with The Biggest Loser lifestyle and features incredible hiking, stimulating cardio and stretch classes, delectable spa cuisine, and practical education to help you succeed.

Whether your goal is to lose substantial weight or to enjoy a fitness getaway, the personal attention that our program, experienced trainers, and supportive group atmosphere provide will help achieve your goals. Join us for the perfect place to start or maintain your healthy lifestyle..
The program is also created to be similar in style to the The Biggest Loser lifestyle and features hiking for fitness and interest, Cardio which will keep you not only fit but amused, fantastic stretch classes, and an incredible spa cuisine, all with practical eduction to allow you the hand you need to succeed in your goals.

If its to lose weight or just to get away in a place where fitness and nutrition is paramount this is the place. With experienced trainers, a supportive group atmosphere, there is everything you will need to follow the path to success. So why not come along and enjoy the perfect place for an enriched lifstyle. Your dreams may only be a booking away.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Leonid Meteor Shower 2009 | Schedule

Leonid Meteor Shower 2009 | Schedule on Television Today -- The Leonids are ultra famous because of amazing meteor storms in the past. The Leonids generally have been some of the most brilliant meteor showers over the years and take their name from the position of their radiant near the constellation Leo the Lion; this is because the meteors seem to materialize from that point in the sky. I would love to tell you that this year the Leonids will be a meteor storm, but meteor showers are one of the most unpredictable events. One of the most notable Leonids Meteor Showers was categorized as a meteor storm, which occurred in November of 1833 where an estimated one hundred thousand meteors bombarded the Earth’s atmosphere per hour. I’m not stating that you will see a shower of such monstrous proportions like those of the past, but I can assure you that a Leonid Meteor Shower is always worth viewing. The Leonids of 2009 may produce over 100 meteors per hour and that’s pretty strong activity.

The ginormous hourly rate of the past was caused by a direct impact with the dust particles from the 55P/Temple-Tuttle Comet, but because of a disturbance of the gravitational pull of the planet Jupiter we may not see such activity for 50 or 60 years. The last time the shower displayed incredible displays in the sky was in 2001 and was virtually unpredicted. The Leonid Meteor Shower started November 13 and will last until November 20, and will peak in intensity early morning on November 17.

The best time to view the Leonid meteor shower will be after 1:30 am EST and before sunrise. The meteors will hopefully be visible because the moon will be entering it’s new moon phase just in time for the meteor shower.

According to NASA, the most activity at 200-300 meteors per hour NASA has stated, but other astronomers have predicted that it could be as high as 500 an hour during the peak.

You could use the NASA’s Fluximator tool to check the Leonid meteor shower peak in your area. Just enter your area or time zone and it will compute the best meteor shower viewing time for you.

The Leonids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to stream from that point in the sky. The 2009 display peaking on November 17 may produce more than 500 meteors an hour. This is not enough to rate it as a meteor storm which has over 1,000 meteors an hour.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watch Live Streaming TNA Turning Point 2009

Watch Live Streaming TNA Turning Point 2009 on Hot Topics -- Watch Live Streaming TNA Turning Point 2009???? You can free Watch Live Streaming TNA Turning Point 2009. Watch Live Streaming TNA Turning Point 2009.

Turning Point is a professional wrestling pay-per-view action item taking place on cable. TNA Turning Point is sponsored and produced by the American professional wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling . The event was created in the year 2004 and was originally held annually in the end of that year.

TNA later updated the action event date of the 2008 event to be held one month earlier, i.e. in November. The event has been held as an annual PPV event for TNA. The 2004 event was the second TNA PPV to be produced annually. Since its initiation in 2004, the event has been held exclusively in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida.

NA Turning Point 2009 Live Stream. For all the fans of TNA (Total Nonestop Action), here’s the good news for you. On November 15, 2009, TNA Turning Point Live Stream will be coming to you on Pay-Per-View. The TNA Turning Point 2009 will take place at the MPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Watch NFL Network Online | Schedule

Watch NFL Network Online | Schedule on Television Today -- The National Football League’s television arrangement alcove 25 percent added households than in March, partly because of its RedZone approach that caters to fantasy football enthusiasts, said Kim Williams, arch operating administrator for the NFL Network.

Williams said new administration agreements with companies such as Comcast Corp., the U.S.’s better cable provider, and DirecTV Group Inc., the U.S’s better satellite-television provider -- forth with absorption in the Network’s NFL RedZone approach -- has added the amount of homes area the Arrangement is accessible to 53 actor from 42 million.

The NFL Arrangement represents one of the areas area the alliance can access its $8 billion-a-year acquirement in a bazaar area it already is the No. 1 sport. The arrangement tonight will appearance the aboriginal of eight reside amateur this season, a antagonism amid the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers. The league’s six-year-old approach aswell shows highlights, news, archetypal bold replays and interviews with players and coaches.

“We’ve had some absolute absolute momentum,” Williams said in an interview. “That’s a appealing abundant section of advance in six months. That tells me that the admirers accept spoken, it tells me our distributors like the artefact and that we action a apartment of assets that are appealing valuable.”

The NFL Network starts broadcasting its weekly game on Thursday. Here’s a peek at the schedule:

This Week: Thursday at 8:00 PM ET
Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers
(Mike Singletary, coach, hosts his old team, for whom he played middle linebacker)

Week 11: Thursday, November 19 at 8:00 PM ET
Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers
(Wildcat vs. mild cats)

Week 12: Thursday, November 26 at 8:00 PM ET
Giants at Denver Broncos (Thanksgiving)
(A Giants game at Denver triggers memories of a different world — the Giants played there on the night before 9/11.)

Week 13: Thursday, December 3 at 8:00 PM ET
Jets at Buffalo Bills (in Toronto)
(This is a break for the Jets, right? Sanchez didn’t play well against the Bills in poor conditions at home. Now he gets to play indoors, and Buffalo loses much of its home-crowd advantage.)

Week 14: Thursday, December 10 at 8:00 PM ET
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
(The rivalry aspect should make it a game for at least a while)

Week 15: Thursday, December 17 at 8:00 PM ET
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
(The Colts may not have much to play for by this point)

Week 15: Saturday, December 19 at 8:00 PM ET
Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints
(This one looks juicy. Romo vs. Brees)

Week 16: Friday, December 25 at 7:00 PM ET
San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans

NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira said Wednesday night on NFL Network that there was a slight mistake in the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday night.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was ruled short after a quarterback dive on a fourth-and-1 with 11:01 to play in the fourth quarter. Eagles coach Andy Reid challenged the ruling and after a review, the referees said the ruling on the field was correct. It cost the Eagles their final timeout of the game, something that would come back to haunt them later.

Pereira said of the spot by referee Walt Coleman: "I think I would have moved it."

Replays showed that McNabb landed near the edge of the Eagles logo but the ball was spotted behind that. Pereira said the ball should have been moved a few inches, but he wasn't sure if it would have given the Eagles a first down.

"I haven't talked to [Pereira]. From what he said, he might have changed it some but it still wasn't close," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said Thursday. "I have to talk to Mike. We would have stopped them anyway even if they would have made it.

"It wasn't a touchdown, it was a first down but they didn't make it. I'm telling you, I was watching it and the [official] spotted it exactly where [McNabb was down]. He took the ball from his hands and put it right there. Now I don't know how you can spot it any better than that. [McNabb] never reached out."

Phillips, in a discussion with reporters, demonstrated how the official took the ball from McNabb and spotted the ball. The Cowboys coach is being careful what he says because he doesn't want to get fined by the league for criticizing the officials.

Phillips said he wouldn't second-guess whether or not Reid should have challenged the call but did say 29 percent of challenges regarding the spot for a first down is overturned.

"Spotting the ball is hard to challenge," Phillips said.

NFL teams have converted 62 percent of fourth-and-1 plays, and the Eagles rank 28th in the league at 25 percent. The Cowboys are the only NFL team without attempting a fourth-and-1 play in the league.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Country Singer | Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker was born on May 13, 1966. Darius Rucker is an American musician. Darius Rucker is known for his role as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, of which he has been a member since the band's inception in 1986 and his work as a solo artist.

Along with his work in Hootie & the Blowfish, Rucker has recorded two solo albums. The first, Back to Then, was released in 2002 on Hidden Beach Recordings. An album of country music entitled Learn to Live followed in 2008 on Capitol Records Nashville. Its first three singles — "Don't Think I Don't Think About It", "It Won't Be Like This for Long" and "Alright" — have all reached Number One on the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart.

Darius Rucker is making the plunge into country after years spent leading Hootie & the Blowfish. Unlike some others who enter the country field late in their music life, Rucker attempts at times to keep a country sound. That is particularly true on "All I Want," although the tonker would have been best handled by someone like Dwight Yoakam since Rucker comes off as more of a dabbler than a dyed in the wool traditionalist.

Rucker's voice is his strong suit. He always has had a very full sounding, soulful bent to his vocals, which serve him well here, although it's a bit smooth.

As for the lyrics, well that's a different story. The lyrics on the lead-off "Forever Road" are sickeningly sweet. "If I Had Wings" isn't much better with strings causing overkill. Life actually must be great for Rucker because he sure is incredibly upbeat. "I've got everything I need," he sings in "Alright."

Another problem is that after awhile, a musical sameness sets in where the playing is even keeled, and there isn't enough variety. Rucker may be learning how to live the country life, and he says he intends to make at least several country albums to avoid the poseur tag. At times, he succeeds, but he still has a ways to go. "You got to take some chances" Rucker sings in the title track. Merely releasing a country disc may quality to Rucker's thinking, but ultimately he does not live up the words and plays it safe.

Darius Rucker won the new artist of the year at the 43rd annual Country Music Association awards Wednesday.

"Wow, What a year," said Rucker. He thanked his wife and three kids. "They told you were crazy. They said this wouldn't work" he said of the head of Capitol Records.

"First of all to the fans, thank you for accepting me."

Rucker, the head of Hootie and the Blowfish, also thanked country radio - "you tok a chance on me."

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All About Dizzy Feet Foundation

All About Dizzy Feet Foundation on Television Today -- Dizzy Feet Foundation was founded in 2009 by producer Nigel Lythgoe, director Adam Shankman, "Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba and actress Katie Holmes to help underprivileged young people realize their dream of becoming professional dancers and to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the Unites States.
DFF offers scholarships to dance students through its Scholarship Program. Scholarships of up to $10,000 will be granted annually. The Scholarship Program guidelines and application process will be posted on the DFF website in the near future. DFF also aims to increase and standardize the quality of dance instruction throughout the United States by offering accreditation and/or certification to dance schools and studios in most styles of dance, including ballroom, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. DFF's Accreditation Program will be known as the American gold standard of dance instruction and will ensure that students know that they are receiving high-quality dance instruction based on a national standard. In addition, DFF also sponsors, funds, and/or offers community-based dance programs which will expose children in low-income areas to the lifelong benefits of dance education.

In order to further its mission, DFF accepts tax-deductible contributions from corporations, patrons, supporters, and dance fans and raises additional funds through direct solicitations, fundraisers, and other events. DFF is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Federal Tax Identification No: 26-4501295). (source: Dizzy Feet Foundation)

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Watch Live Lopez Tonight

Watch Live Lopez Tonight on Television Today --
Watch Live Lopez Tonight???? You can free Watch Live Lopez Tonight. The wait is over. The time is now. The party starts tonight at 11:00, only on TBS!

George's guests tonight are "Desperate Housewives" actress Eva Longoria Parker, talk show host and "American Idol" judge Ellen DeGeneres, NBA all-star Kobe Bryant and rock legend Carlos Santana. And you won't want to miss the audience game that everyone will be talking about tomorrow, "Bullet Wound... Not a Bullet Wound."

George is fired up and ready to kick some ass. Late night television won't know what hit it.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watch Free Streaming Jessica Tandy

Watch Free Streaming Jessica Tandy on Television Today -- Jessie Alice "Jessica" Tandy was born on June 7, 1909. Jessica Tandy died on September 11, 1994. She was an English stage and film actress.

She first appeared on the London stage in 1926 at the age of 16, playing, among others, Katherine opposite Laurence Olivier's Henry V, and Cordelia opposite John Gielgud's King Lear. She also worked in British films. Following the end of her marriage to Jack Hawkins, she moved to New York, where she met Canadian actor Hume Cronyn. He became her second husband and frequent partner on stage and screen.

A beloved, twinkly blue-eyed doyenne of stage and screen, actress Jessica Tandy’s career spanned nearly six and a half decades. In that course of time she enjoyed an amazing film renaissance at the age of 80, something unheard of in a town that worships youth and nubile beauty. She was born Jessie Alice Tandy in London in 1909, the daughter of Harry Tandy, a traveling salesman, and Jessie Helen Horspool. Her parents enrolled her as a teenager at the Ben Greet Academy of Acting where she showed immediate promise. She was 16 when she made her professional bow as Sara Manderson in the play “The Manderson Girls,” and was subsequently invited to join the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Within a couple of years Jessica was making a number of other debuts as well. Her first West End play was in “The Rumour” at the Court Theatre in 1929; her Gotham bow was in “The Matriarch” at the Longacre Theatre in 1930; and her initial film role was as a maid in The Indiscretions of Eve (1932).

Jessica married British actor Jack Hawkins in 1932 after the couple had met performing in the play “Autumn Crocus” the year before. They had one daughter, Susan, before parting ways after eight years of marriage. An unconventional beauty with slightly stern-eyed and sharp, hawkish features, she was passed over for leading lady roles in films, thereby focusing strongly on a transatlantic stage career throughout the 1930s and 1940s. She grew in stature while enacting a succession of Shakespeare’s premiere ladies (Titania, Viola, Ophelia, Cordelia). At the same time she enjoyed personal successes elsewhere in such plays as “French Without Tears,” “Honour Thy Father,” “Jupiter Laughs,” “Anne of England” and “Portrait of a Madonna.” And then she gave life to Blanche DuBois.

When Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece “A Streetcar Named Desire” opened on Broadway on December 3, 1947, Jessica’s name became forever associated with this entrancing Southern belle character. One of the most complex, beautifully drawn, and still sought-after femme parts of all time, she went on to win the coveted Tony award. Aside from introducing Marlon Brando to the general viewing public, “Streetcar” shot Jessica’s marquee value up a thousandfold. But not in films.

While her esteemed co-stars Brando, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden were given the luxury of recreating their roles in Elia Kazan’s stark, black-and-white cinematic adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), Jessica was devastatingly bypassed. Vivien Leigh, who played the role on stage in London and had already immortalized another coy, manipulative Southern belle on celluloid (Scarlett O’Hara), was a far more marketable film celebrity at the time and was signed on to play the delusional Blanche. To be fair, Leigh was nothing less than astounding in the role and went on to deservedly win the Academy Award (along with Malden and Hunter). Jessica would exact her revenge on Hollywood in later years.

In 1942 she entered into a second marriage with actor/producer/director Hume Cronyn, a 52-year union that produced two children, Christopher and Tandy, the latter an actor in her own right. The couple not only enjoyed great solo success, they relished performing in each other’s company. A few of their resounding theatre triumphs included the “The Fourposter” (1951), “Triple Play” (1959), “Big Fish, Little Fish (1962), “Hamlet” (he played Polonius; she played Gertrude) (1963), “The Three Sisters (1963) and “A Delicate Balance.” They supported together in films too, their first being The Seventh Cross (1944). In the film The Green Years (1946), Jessica, who was two years older than Cronyn, actually played his daughter! Throughout the 1950s they built up a sturdy reputation as “America’s First Couple of the Theatre.”

In 1963 Jessica made an isolated film appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic The Birds (1963). Low on the pecking order at the time (pun intended), Hitchcock gave Jessica a noticeable secondary role and Jessica made the most of her brittle scenes as the high-strung, overbearing mother of Rod Taylor who witnesses horror along the California coast. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Jessica (and Hume, to a lesser degree) experienced a mammoth comeback in Hollywood.

Alongside Hume she delighted movie audiences in such enjoyable fare as Honky Tonk Freeway (1981), The World According to Garp (1982), Cocoon (1985) and *batteries not included (1987). In 1989, however, octogenarian Jessica was handed the senior citizen role of a lifetime as the prickly Southern Jewish widow who gradually forms a trusting bond with her black chauffeur in the genteel drama Driving Miss Daisy (1989). Jessica was presented with the Oscar, Golden Globe and British Film Awards, among others, for her exceptional work in the film that also won “Best Picture”. Deemed Hollywood royalty now, she was handed the cream of the crop in elderly film parts and went on to win another Oscar nomination for Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) a couple of years later.

Jessica also enjoyed some of her biggest stage hits (”Streetcar” notwithstanding) during her twilight years, earning two more Tony awards for her exceptional work in “The Gin Game” (1977) and “Foxfire” (1982). Both co-starred her husband Hume and both were beautifully transferred by the couple to TV. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1990, Jessica bravely continued working with Emmy-winning distinction on TV. She died of her illness on September 11, 1994. Her last two films, Nobody’s Fool (1994) and Camilla (1994), were released posthumously.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great | Yankees Win World Series 2009

Great | Yankees Win World Series 2009 -- It has been 2,992 canicule aback New York Yankees players, coaches, admiral and admirers acquire been able to ascribe to themselves as champions. That isn't as connected as the Cubs' 36,911 days, but it's affluence long, because ambrosial abounding the able point of accepting a Yankees player, coach, abettor or fan is accepting able to ascribe to yourself as champions.

A analysis of accession came to its abeyance Wednesday night for the Yankees, who beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 7-3, in Adventurous 6 of the 2009 World Series. The accomplishment gave the Yankees their 27th championship, a chance nine years in the making.

Hideki Matsui, who may acquire played his abide adventurous as a Yankee, became the ancient Japanese-born abecedarian to win the Most Valuable Abecedarian award. He led the Yankees’ aperture with a record-tying night — he had a home run, a double, a alone and six runs batted in — and Andy Pettitte, who aswell may acquire played his abide adventurous in pinstripes, handled the casting diplomacy on three days’ rest.

Pettitte, a able left-hander, threw 5 and two-thirds solid innings, accepting three runs on four hits. He acceptable his fifth World Alternation ring with his added accomplishment of the 105th World Series, which began and assured in the Bronx, in the ancient year of the new Yankee Stadium.

Yankees Ambassador Joe Girardi, who abide analysis bootless to crop the accession to the postseason in his ancient year in charge, became the ancient Yankees ambassador not alleged Joe Torre to win a World Alternation in 31 years. He was questioned for traveling with a three-man ambit in the postseason, but it formed altogether as the Yankees went 11-4 and outpitched and outplayed the opposition.

Alex Rodriguez, who has faced affliction criticism over his 16-year career for never accepting ultimate success in the postseason, won his ancient championship, and although he didn’t do abounding in the World Series, he agitated the Yankees through the ancient two ambit of the playoffs.

General Ambassador Brian Cashman, who has been abhorrent for different moves aback the Yankees abide won the World Series, in 2000, alive C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett over the winter with money from the Steinbrenner ancestors chest. It accustomed to be the difference, and Cashman stood aback Girardi afterwards his atramentous admission season.

Matsui, who abutting the Yankees in 2003, if they absent to the Florida Marlins in the World Series, affronted Bobby Richardson’s annual of six R.B.I. in a World Alternation game. He went 3 for 4 and able the alternation with six hits in his final nine at-bats, including three home runs.

Pedro Martinez did not bend able for the Phillies, accepting four runs on three hits in four innings, including Matsui’s home run in the added and his two-run alone in the third.

Mariano Rivera, who was on the coffer at Shea Stadium the abide time the Yankees won the World Series, anchored the final 5 outs, although he did not get his third save of the World Alternation because of the four-run lead. Rivera, alternating with Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Pettitte, won his fifth championship with the Yankees

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

T-Mobile Going Break Down | Outage

T-Mobile Going Break Down | Outage -- T-Mobile USA said backward Tuesday that some of its barter were experiencing alternate articulation and abstracts account outages.

The carrier, beginning from ambidextrous with a account abeyance that briefly wiped out the claimed abstracts of its SideKick subscribers, said it was alive on acclimation the problem.

T-Mobile said that almost 5% of its barter were experiencing problems, which began at about 5:30 PM ET. The carrier said it was alive on the problem.

"We're authoritative acceptable advance abating articulation and messaging account to afflicted customers," said a T-Mobile spokesman.

The carrier, a assemblage of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT), has struggled with perceptions of its arrangement and with subscriber growth. T-Mobile afresh apparent a amount of new appraisement affairs in an accomplishment to about-face the business around.

But the latest abeyance threatens to re-ignite apropos stoked by the SideKick incident, in which Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) accidentally absent the SideKick abstracts stored in its servers. The aggregation and its SideKick unit, Danger, afterwards adequate the data, but continues to ache a accessible atramentous eye.

Tmobile Customer Service, Tmobile Blackout: Users of T-Mobile Sidekick accept suffered through a college cloister in contempo canicule that larboard abounding afterwards admission to the Web or their abode books.

Microsoft, whose crisis admiral Sidekick account subsidiary, said it was “working urgently” to accouterment problems that disconnected the abstracts account for a lot of Sidekick users from 1:30 am PDT on friday. The akin of disruption has varied, although a lot of users accept been affected, said Microsoft.

“We are alive about the alarm to get all our casework aback online and will abide to column cachet updates to our admired barter and boldness problems,” Microsoft said. “We acknowledge our barter for their backbone and apologize for any aggravation this disruption has caused.”

Microsoft said that as of 6 message PDT Tuesday, which had adequate the account “for analytical applications such as abode book and calendar, amusing media applications, burning messaging, web browsing, media amateur and camera.”

“Our ambition is to restore all casework to 100 percent of the functionality for Thursday, but there may be some exceptions,” Microsoft said. The software maker endure year bought danger.

T-Mobile offers an amend on Tuesday, answer for the interruption, adage that users of the account acclaim for one ages because of the interruption.T-Mobile Sidekick forums are abounding of comments from users cogent annoyance over the issue.

Among those afflicted was Ariel Barco, who said he had apparent his account on Friday night and got their account adequate endure night. But not all his accompany accept been so lucky, he said.

“Many of my accompany accept Sidekicks and one in particular, is still cat-and-mouse for your abode book to be adequate as we speak,” Barco said.

He said the cardinal was disappointing, back it bound the adeptness to admission amusing networks and the Internet, authoritative it difficult to plan for the weekend. In addition, Barco said, T-Mobile did a acceptable job of communicating what was happening. “The affair was not announced to the user base,” Barco said. “I abstruse of the abeyance on Saturday, afterwards reviewing the blogs and forums for T-Mobile T-Mobile and Twitter. Known aswell arrested with teammates.”

Apparently, their articulation and abstracts account actuality in the United States has been shut down, not completely, but a lot of humans are experiencing difficulties and aberrant service.

T-Mobile appear a account to Engadget adage this:

T-Mobile barter may be experiencing account disruptions impacting articulation and data. Our accelerated acknowledgment teams accept been mobilized to restore account as bound as possible. We will accommodate updates as added advice is available.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

NBL | Most World Series Championships

NBL | Most World Series Championships -- The annual of Apple Alternation Champions by accession topped the trends today. A lot are analytic of who were the anterior winners of the Apple Series. The Apple Alternation is the ceremony championship alternation of Aloft League Baseball (MLB). It has been the able affiliated of able baseball in the United States and Canada aback 1903, complete the postseason of Aloft League Baseball.

The Apple Alternation is played amidst the best clubs of the American League and the National League, which as of 2009 collectively awning 29 clubs based inthe United States and one club from Canada, whose rosters board players from about the world. The beat Apple Alternation has been played every year aback 1903 with the barring of 1904, which was annulled if the NL best New York Giants below to play the AL best Boston Americans, and 1994, which was annulled due to the MLB strike.

Which accession has the A lot of Apple Alternation Championships? The A lot of Apple Alternation Championships by any accession of baseball during the beat MLB is …. the Yankees. The New York Yankees has 40 appearances. That’s over bifold the added address team. The Yankees acquire 40 appearances as a approval in MLB. Moreover, that bulk is the a lot of titles of any aloft sports approval in North America.

The bulk counts the a lot of A lot of Apple Alternation Championships appearances, win and losses. Bulk 2? The Los Angeles Dodgers with 18 appearances. And bulk 3? The St Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants with 17.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Watch Free Streaming NFL | Channel Surfing

Watch Free Streaming NFL | Channel Surfing on Television Today -- Wanna Watch Free Streaming NFL | Channel Surfing???? You can free Watch Free Streaming NFL | Channel Surfing. Watch Watch Free Streaming NFL | Channel Surfing. Here is the example:

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