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Friday, June 3, 2011

Legendary Actor James Arness Die on Friday, June 3 rd 2011 at Los Angeles

Legendary Actor James Arness Die on Friday, June 3 rd 2011 at Los Angeles on Television Today --- Legendary Cowboy known as James Arness has die on Friday, June 3rd 2011 at Los Angeles. He is die at 88 years old. He was already become actor for some movies, some of actors had already work with him such as Alec Baldwin, John Wayne, Harrirson Ford, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Weaver and Charles Bronson.

From 1955-1975, from the Eisenhower White House to the disco era, Arness patrolled Dodge City as U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. In the history of TV, only The Simpsons has enjoyed a longer prime-time run for a scripted series. Even after all these years, no prime-time drama (or comedy) has ever produced more episodes: a mammoth 635.

The native Minnesotan and World War II vet, the older brother of Mission: Impossible and Airplane! star Peter Graves, who passed away last year, left a letter for his fans to be posted on his Website upon his death. "I had a wonderful life and was blessed with some many loving people and great friends," he wrote. "The best part of my life was my family, especially my wife Janet."

Still, while it may be that Arness was born to play Dillon, you do not keep a character alive and interesting across five decades without some application of real art; it takes substance to keep goodness from becoming blandness, from growing tiresome with time. Could any other actor have carried that weight as long, with as much grace and as little groaning? Maybe. But this one did.

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